Yay for Pictures!

My kitty cat, Figaro lounging around on the couch.

The Mountains of Northern Georgia.



Me sporting a big gummy grin. I picked up some gummy dentures at the candy store.



tamie said...

AHHHH your kitty is so cute... but why does he only have one eye? hehe... I like the other pics as well :) yay for photo funness!

devon spec said...

mary i forgot how cute you are!!!! :)

miss you!!!

Anonymous said...

Pictures are fun... you might wanna check out buzznet... you can upload 120 pictures a month, for free!! And you can link em into your blog posts if you want.
I'm just starting on mine:


Jeope said...

I realize it's reaching and/or playing, but your cat looks so stiff in that shot, like it just fell over like that and can't get up. Fun-ny.

Melissa said...

aww, how fun! I love pictures! I especially like your South Jersey teeth. Wait, is that what they are or is it just a coincidence??? :-) Cute Strawberry Shortcake t-shirt!!! And I'm in awe of all those trees.....we're a little lacking in the foliage department here!

Anonymous said...


mary, your kitty is soooo adorable!!! i have a black and white cat that looks similar.... don't you just love kitties?? :)

Mary said...

Krista: I just love my cat! I've had kitties ever since I was little and I am a sucker for them all. Figaro is aparticularly sweet and loving cat, he's not like most Tom cats I've had...thought he's really an "it" now :) Figaro is my dream cat. I've always wanted a B&W and I've always wanted a cat with extra toes and he's both!

I'm pretty sure I've seen pics of your cat on the other blogs!