thought for the day

I wonder where the word "ketchup" comes from? Or "Catsup" as some say... and I wonder what makes some ketchup fancy and others not?



stacie said...

Main Entry: ketch·up
Pronunciation: 'ke-ch&p, 'ka-
Function: noun
Etymology: Malay kechap fish sauce
: a seasoned pureed condiment usually made from tomatoes

One entry found for catsup.
Main Entry: cat·sup
Pronunciation: 'kech-&p, 'kach-; 'kat-s&p
variant of KETCHUP

What makes some ketchup "fancy"?

What's so fancy about fancy ketchup?

Mary said...

Thanks, Joy! Ask and ye shall receive :)

Anonymous said...

No problem, it gave me something to do :)


lori said...

figaro looks adorable! and i LOVE the name!

Anonymous said...

I am holding out for dijon ketchups.

Big Bro