Yay for Pictures!

My kitty cat, Figaro lounging around on the couch.

The Mountains of Northern Georgia.



Me sporting a big gummy grin. I picked up some gummy dentures at the candy store.

thought for the day

I wonder where the word "ketchup" comes from? Or "Catsup" as some say... and I wonder what makes some ketchup fancy and others not?

I'm a Lazy Dog

I SO don't want to do real work today!
A thread on the HOW mag forum was about handwriting and everyone was submitting their handwriting. I realized that I hardly ever EVER write anything by hand - I am always typing. It is kind of sad how much we rely on computers. Not that I am downing technology, I love technology! It's quick, it keeps getting more efficient and cheaper too.

(**side note** - I can hear my creative supervisor trying to sing a Hootie & the Blowfish song! LOL It is so SAD....)

Handwriting is going to be a lost art-form one day. Ever seen how beautiful your grandmother's old scrawling handwriting was? How perfectly slanted and ornate it was? It is hard to find handwriting like that anymore. I went to the POW museum in Andersonville, GA (the site of the Civil War POW camp) and the walls of the museum were covered with writing samples from letters from the prisoners. The handwriting from the civil war era was exquisite. The WW II samples were nice too.

Anyways, here is my handwriting. It is kind of plain & boring. I wish I could work on my penmanship, but how the hell am I going to do that if I keep typing on this blog, right?


Alabama is so sucky. So, we already have the worst summers ever because the temps here are in the 90's and then the humidity makes it like a miserable 100+ but to add never-ceasing tropical storms to the list? What the hell!

Alabama is soooo sucky that I would rather have 116 degree dry heat over our 95 degree swamp air any day! We have bugs too. LOTS of bugs. Saturday before the storms started we were at Patrick's parents helping his dad build up a carport before the weather got there (trying to protect the car from limbs, hail, etc.) and I thought I was going to get devoured by small, spindly-legged insects. I had to use bug spray and re-apply several times until finally my legs were nothing but a paste of bug spray, sweat, and dirt. The saving grace is that I look cute in carpenter shorts, I am pretty good with a hammer and I love electrical screwdrivers so the work was actually kinda fun.

The beach vacation was cancelled and may be on hold for quite a while the way the ocean keeps spitting out hurricanes. The sea is knocked up again and this time her name is Emily. Bitch. I hope she swirls around in the ocean, gets sick, and DIES.

Photo Fortnight

Photo Fortnight

Please check out the new photography website being presented by some of my designer friends, Joe & Sean. Photo Fortnight is another fine HOWie creation that sets up a theme for each round and participants try to represent that theme photographically. I entered the very first round and I encourage all who pass by my blog to check it out and vote! Voting is on a scale of 1-10 and the photographer is revealed after your vote is submitted.

Very cool site. Enjoy!

Gore Galore!

Patrick and I went to see Land of the Dead last night. It was great! I love a good, stupid gore horror movie every once in a while. It was fairly creepy in that campy kinda way. As we drove home last night we saw a few people walking on the side of the road and my first thought was that I was going to see that their faces were all rotted out or something! ha!

Anyways, this weekend we are SUPPOSED to go to the beach. But, because of the the GD Hurricanes, I don't know if I should keep or reservations. If I cancel today I lose $25. If I cancel after today I lose $118. But, I won't know until probably wednesday how well this weekend's weather is going to be. It makes me so GD mad. I hate this fucking place and its fucking hurricanes.