I made it out of Tamie's graveyard!

My rant for the day:
Anywho, I listened to part of Jennifer Wilbanks' FBI interview this morning and she makes me want to puke! She went on about how these kidnappers did terrible things to her and then when the FBI guy told her that he'd been doing this job a long time and her story seemed "off" she basically confessed that it was all a big lie and that she was stressed that day because she still had to get a pedicure and a manicure and she didn't even know where the honeymoon was going to be "wah, wah, wahhhh"...

Puh-lease. What a b!tch. I wish those were the kind of problems I had.

Meanwhile, this poor Natalee Holloway from B'ham, Alabama is missing in Aruba, and frankly, her family is probably never going to see her again and may never know exactly what happened to her. I feel for her poor family and I do hope they find her alive & well.



Unknown said...

Jennifer Wilbanks deserves to go to jail and pay all the money that was used to look for her. Damn racist bitch!

lori said...

i saw her as she walked in to court.

i guess money doesn't buy breeding because she was dressed very poorly for what i figure is an event you want to look professional for.

or maybe they want her to look all shaggy to add to the image of her as mentally unbalanced.

in conclusion, i don't have a whole lot of sympathy for her.

Mary said...

I noticed that too! She had on a black jogging suit, basically! WTF?! She's a freak. She has a really annoying southern accent too... the kinda I hate!

Anonymous said...

I hope that girl in Aruba is found.

teahouse said...

Yeah, I heard that snippet from Jennifer W's interview. It did seem really whiny. "I had to get a manicure and pedicure..and I had to pack for my honeymoon..wahhh!!"

Anonymous said...

I have said for the past few years that Georgia woman are crazier than a shit house mouse.

Big Bro
(not bitter or anything)