So, tomorrow I leave for the HOW Conference in Chicago! I am excited about being around so many other graphic designers and seeing a new city.

I have tons of stuff to do and I can NOT focus on any of it. I think I'm leaving a little early today in order to finish running erands and have a little down-time before bed!

Monday night is a masquerade party at Navy Pier, in Chicago. It looks like a really cool place to be and the web site shows pics of the skyline. Looks nice! I was going to dress up like a redneck, but honestly, it just wasn't working out. I was way too convincing and I didn't like how it was going. If I had been able to secure some piece of the costume (like a big ugly mullet wig) I would have felt better about it, but I just didn't have the cash to do it. So, instead, I am rehashing my cat costume from a few halloweens ago. It is still pretty cool, so I'm okay with not being so "funny".

We just installed new computers here. Dual processing g5s and 23" cinema displays (yeeha!) now I just downloaded TONS of updates and I have to restart the computer. Dang it. Took me all morning to get this far and now I've got to start all over again.

Oh well, I know I won't get anything done today anyway, so does it really matter?



tamie said...

ooh do you have any pics of you as a kitty cat... I was that one year... because I learned how to make myself into a bitchin cat in my theatrical make-up class... it was fun...

have fun on your trip :)

Anonymous said...

Have a fun and safe trip :D

Mary said...

I'm having a blast so far! This is a great town! Last night we had the best food EVER at Aria's in the fairmont hotel. I love the city.

I love the nightlife. I like to boogie.

Anonymous said...

...On the Disco Rooouuuund..oh yeah..

Just your big brother here. Lee is at a baby shower and I googled your name. I am in Dallas right now. I was wondering if you were in Chicago yet.

Take care!!

Big Bro

Mary said...

"ON THE DISCO ROUND!"... I had NO idea what that last word was. Thanks oh knowledgable big brother!