27 years ago...yesterday

I was born! Yesterday was my birfday. Patrick had to work, so today is more like the acknowledgement day. Patrick is going to prepare some Puerco Pibil for dinner and I'm really looking forward to that. Its like my favorite dinner ever.

Chicago was GREAT. I have to post some pics soon. I love Chicago - I think it is a great city. It was so clean. The bums leave you alone too!

Chicago bums must be lazy or something because they just kinda hold up signs and sleep but in Atlanta, they are very agressive and get up in your face and stuff. And there are many MORE bums in downtown ATL than in Chicago. Downotown-Chicago is virtually bum-free. However, I do know that there are some rough spots in Chicago too, of course. But, admitedly I was in the downtown bubble of money & safety, so all that cruddy ghetto stuff means nothing to me.




lori said...

have you ever been to memphis? the bums there are all nice and friendly.

Anonymous said...

Mike Ditka took care of dem bums!

Daaa Brudder!

Mary said...

See, Memphis is still a southern city... so even the bums have southern hospitality. Atlanta, however... I don't know what it is. A pretentious Ghetto. That's what it is!

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday!

I've actually only come across a few bums who are kinda aggressive and bothering. Most just seem to hold up signs, maybe say "hi" and that's about it. So, maybe L.A. has bums like Chicago. But I'm also thinking of San Francisco and the recent trip I took and they seemed the same there.

Anonymous said...

The bums in Portland are pretty bad. One guy cussed at Jason and I and started following us down the street.

Happy late birthday Mary :)


Mary said...

Joy! ... that is hillarious! And scarey LOL A friend of ours loves to mess with the bums in Atlanta when they get all annoying. However, he's usually drunk when he talks back to them and then I get scared LOL