Thank god..

I actually got some work done today. I love these headphones. And the fact that everyone was out of the office today. I was getting panicky because I couldn't get any work done! *doing a happy dance*


27 years ago...yesterday

I was born! Yesterday was my birfday. Patrick had to work, so today is more like the acknowledgement day. Patrick is going to prepare some Puerco Pibil for dinner and I'm really looking forward to that. Its like my favorite dinner ever.

Chicago was GREAT. I have to post some pics soon. I love Chicago - I think it is a great city. It was so clean. The bums leave you alone too!

Chicago bums must be lazy or something because they just kinda hold up signs and sleep but in Atlanta, they are very agressive and get up in your face and stuff. And there are many MORE bums in downtown ATL than in Chicago. Downotown-Chicago is virtually bum-free. However, I do know that there are some rough spots in Chicago too, of course. But, admitedly I was in the downtown bubble of money & safety, so all that cruddy ghetto stuff means nothing to me.



So, tomorrow I leave for the HOW Conference in Chicago! I am excited about being around so many other graphic designers and seeing a new city.

I have tons of stuff to do and I can NOT focus on any of it. I think I'm leaving a little early today in order to finish running erands and have a little down-time before bed!

Monday night is a masquerade party at Navy Pier, in Chicago. It looks like a really cool place to be and the web site shows pics of the skyline. Looks nice! I was going to dress up like a redneck, but honestly, it just wasn't working out. I was way too convincing and I didn't like how it was going. If I had been able to secure some piece of the costume (like a big ugly mullet wig) I would have felt better about it, but I just didn't have the cash to do it. So, instead, I am rehashing my cat costume from a few halloweens ago. It is still pretty cool, so I'm okay with not being so "funny".

We just installed new computers here. Dual processing g5s and 23" cinema displays (yeeha!) now I just downloaded TONS of updates and I have to restart the computer. Dang it. Took me all morning to get this far and now I've got to start all over again.

Oh well, I know I won't get anything done today anyway, so does it really matter?


I made it out of Tamie's graveyard!

My rant for the day:
Anywho, I listened to part of Jennifer Wilbanks' FBI interview this morning and she makes me want to puke! She went on about how these kidnappers did terrible things to her and then when the FBI guy told her that he'd been doing this job a long time and her story seemed "off" she basically confessed that it was all a big lie and that she was stressed that day because she still had to get a pedicure and a manicure and she didn't even know where the honeymoon was going to be "wah, wah, wahhhh"...

Puh-lease. What a b!tch. I wish those were the kind of problems I had.

Meanwhile, this poor Natalee Holloway from B'ham, Alabama is missing in Aruba, and frankly, her family is probably never going to see her again and may never know exactly what happened to her. I feel for her poor family and I do hope they find her alive & well.