This is my new and improved Office!
It is quite yellow. Some have called it the "Cheese Wagon" and some refer to it's color as #2 Pencil-esque. I am quite happy with it and it's bright color. Many thanks to my handsome assistant, Patrick for all the cursing and sweating spend on this job! This has been done for quite some time now, but I just finally got around to showing it off....

Here is a close up of my nifty little retro desk toys... I love them!!!



Anonymous said...

That tiger is TOO cute!
I don't think I could work in that office though... and aren't yellow and orange the colors that make people hungry according to research?



Mary said...

The pic of my office makes the yellow look a little "sicker" than it really is LOL ... the paper lanterns are actually red, but my digital camera kinda tweaked the color out of whack.

They DO say that yellow & red are colors that are supposed to induce hunger.

The tiger is my favorite one :) I really like my little stuffed critters. They are a retro remake of 60's toys called "Dream Pets".

Housewife said...

oooh, I like it. Cheery! Doesn't make me hungry, makes me smile and happy.