To all the blogs I've loved before....

I've been a blog slacker lately. Which basically means that my slacker ways have just shifted from being a work slacker to a blog slacker. If only blogging paid the bills!

But, I'm making a whole-hearted effort to resume at least 3-5 posts a week or more-however boring they may be. Maybe I'll get some inspiration along the way. I was deeply saddened when I realized my blog had made the graveyard group! :)

But, I do understand.

So, yesterday was a good day. Patrick bought me a pair of really nice bling-blinging earrings yesterday out of the blue. I love them! They are pretty and they go with everything. I don't change out earrings often so thats how I like 'em.

AND yesterday I went back to the gym after pretty much a week of being out because of having a friend in town. I was dreading it. I was dreading it BAD. But, somehow or another I managed to lose 5 more pounds in one week of eating pizza, a "tour of Italy" at an Italian resteraunt, and mousetracks pie. Not to mention other things in between of course. It was my most unhealthy week since I started all this stuff. I don't understand it... but I don't have to :)
All I care is I got results one way or another.

Which brings my grand total of poundage up to *drum roll please*.......43lbs!
7lbs away from the first major goal.

Yeee haw.



devon spec said...

mary that is awesome! i'm so happy for you! are you having hella fun buying new clothes or WHAT?! pizza huh? maybe i should try that.

i actually lost 3 lbs, just cutting out some sugar and alcohol. like, if i go out with friends, i limit myself to 2 glasses of wine instead of 4, and NO dessert :(

i feel SO MUCH BETTER when i wake up in the morning though.

you have been a blog slacker.. i must admit ;)

ps- patrick should have a talk with craig about "out of the blue" earrings.....

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the weight loss! Keep up the good work :)

I have never heard of mousetracks pie... can you enlighten me on what it is?


Mary said...

Joy! I meant MOOSE tracks! AHAHAHAHA... mousetracks pie sounds HORRIBLE... makes me think of rat dropping or something... eewAH!

And MOOSEtracks pie is a wonderful product found in your grocer's freezer. It is the pie-version of moosetracks icecream.

Dev- The buying new clothes thing IS fun, but... I wish I had more money. I got into my "skinny pants" this morning - they are a pair of pants I bought at Old Navy a while back because they were 7 bucks. They didn't fit then, but they do now! Yay!
I wish they were all 7 bucks! Though TJ Maxx and Ross kinda stores help...they are pretty cheap.

tamie said...

wooo Mary... congrats on the weight loss... thats awesome...

and I will totally move you back up from the blog graveyard if you post more...

most of us are blog whores instead of slackers... hehe so you know... there's always room at THAT table ;)

Anonymous said...

I have still never heard of moosetracks pie either. Hehe.


Housewife said...

Congratulations, that is wonderful!