A Swiss Cheese Incident

My cat cracks me up. This is gross, but he hurls a LOT. He gets all excited and eats too fast then hurls. And he has this weird, extremely HIGH pitch sound he makes before he barfs... Its unmistakable and it makes me cringe because not only does it sound painful, but that means I have to clean it up.

Well, yesterday Patrick was eating a piece of swiss cheese and our cat (who is a little begger) kept trying to see what he was eating. So patrick held it out and let him sniff it (yeah, we all do dumb stuff like that...). Anyways, the cat made the "I'm smelling something I don't like" face and then he actually GAGGED. He made the little squeaky high pitched noise and everything!

It was hillarious. I've never seen a cat so repulsed by a smell that he gagged.
And for a piece of swiss cheese? There are smellier cheeses out there.

He ran off the couch after that and gave Patrick that "Why did you do that to me?" face....

What a dummy cat :P



teahouse said...

Hahaha..does that mean he won't chase mice, since they like cheese?

And don't cats like milk? Maybe your cat is lactose intolerant.

Unknown said...

thats funny.

Melissa said...

This post reminded me of a band I used to like called The String Cheese Incident. I sure hope their band name didn't involve a story about a cat!