NS dammit!

At least blogging is easy.

I'm trying to update my parents website and I can't make the FREAKIN' THING WORK! It is makin' me angered.

The domain is registered one place and the hosting is in another.
I don't know what nameserver to use.

Do I use the domain's ns or the host's ns?
Or is ALL of that totally wrong?

The website shows up at but not at www.westwayscourt.com



Mary said...

I got it to work, thank God.
It just took time to make it all change over....

Sad thing is that I did all this stuff before with MY website, but totally forgot how. I'm new to the whole web-hosting site thing. My web experience thus far has been hosted by Auburn.

Anonymous said...

Glad you got it to work. Been wondering if your mom is ok. and if you are ok? I try to keep up w/ the motel. I visit the website often. Gina