I wish I had about $500 bucks to go spend on nothing but clothes, shoes & accessories. That would be SO much fun. I just found out that one of my favorite online looking spots ( actually has a store in Atlanta. That is about 1 and 1/2 hours from here - and a great place to shop. So many cute dresses! My summer clothes need updated badly. My outfit today looks pretty...baggy. I hate linen... it looks great freshly pressed but... when you sit in it all day and then stand... it kind of halos around you. And it kinda feels like I'm nekkid from the waste down when I stand... very drafty...very strange feeling at work LOL

I want new, cute, adorably fashionable things!
I saw an Oscar de la renta skirt at belks I would looooove to have. It was on sale. Argh!

I should buy a few new things for Chicago in June... can't go to the big city lookin' all baggy and trashy, right?



Anonymous said...

Good luck savin' up the dough. I keep saying I'm going to buy new clothes, but I don't. I still wear stuff from high school.

devon spec said...

i know it too mary! i cleaned out my closet and i have, like, nothing as well... old navy time! money: ain't it a beeatch?!