I'm glad I'm not alone

I was watching the TODAY show this morning and there was a report about how American's don't have a weekend anymore. TODAY said that studies show that Americans take home work and if they aren't taking home their 8-5 for the weekend, they are bogged down with chores and tasks all weekend long leaving no time for relaxation and recharge time.

An expert they had speaking said that it is leading to a less productive work week because no one gets refueled during the weekend - they stay just as busy or even BUSIER than they would doing the 40 hour week.

I'm so glad they acknowledge stuff like that from time to time because it reassures me that I am not a bad manager of time, but I am doing what tons of others are doing - trying to live!

My weekends lately have SUCKED. It is laundry (to the laundry mat of course) and grocery shopping, and catching up at the gym, and cleaning, and a little sleeping in, and visiting in-laws, and whatever else comes up like washing the car or doing some other extra work. It's everything that there is no time for during the week.

However, the stupid bitch's idea of fixing that problem is to hire someone to clean and shop and do your laundry.

Whatever! Who the hell can afford that? That would be like $250 a week to get clothes washed and someone clean? Crazy bitch.

In conclusioni... Life's a Bitch..then you die.



Anonymous said...

Ugh. I'm sorry your weekends have been bad. For awhile all my weekends were dedicated to homework, but I'm on summer vacation for a lil' under 3 months.. I have NO IDEA what I will be doing on the weekends, but I should make the most out of them.

Mary said...

Patrick and I are just in a weekend rut. Funds are tight and we are saving up to go to the beach at some point. I want to take a couple days off work to go, but I can't right now because of my work schedule being so crazy and busy. After I get a vacation I'll be less dramatic and crazed :)