If I ever move to California, I think I will try to get one of these plates for my car, what do you think? LOL

Thanks Joy for making me wonder how you previewed your idea for a California plate! I went to the DMV website and started messing around....We don't have this feature in Alabama. Go figure.



Anonymous said...

Haha!! I was just thinking, "I should send Mary the link" cuz I knew you'd be amused by it. And, I should've known, you beat me to it. It's fun stuff!!

Go Kayak said...

We have this feature in VA and I think we're the state with the most choices for plates, we're up to 180. The Commonwealth determined that vanity plates are a real revenue generator.

Link to VA DMV

Teo said...

Booooooooo! why does it gotta be california? are we that vai...oh yeah we are. But crazier shit could come from the bible belt. I mean c'mon!