If I ever move to California, I think I will try to get one of these plates for my car, what do you think? LOL

Thanks Joy for making me wonder how you previewed your idea for a California plate! I went to the DMV website and started messing around....We don't have this feature in Alabama. Go figure.

Parapalegic Pimp Daddy

If anyone in my apartment complex was getting shot or beaten to death we would never know. There is so much yellin' and screamin' going on around here that you become apathetic to the sound.

Oh, and I saw the parapalegic pimp-daddy today. It is this guy who lives down the street in the "bad part of town". He doesn't have a car, but he DOES have an electric wheelchair because he is paralized from what appears to be the waist down. I call him a pimp-daddy because he's got the pimpin' look (gold teeth-oh how I wish I had a picture to post!) he always has his girlfriend riding on his lap. No kidding! She had on her little black halter top an her shorty-shorts today and her sickly pale complexion showing through (pale is one thing, but this girl has that crack ho pale complexion, ya know?). She was sipping grape cola from a straw...on his lap....

Before I die (longest blog ever...sorry!)

This may seem dumb, but whenever the TODAY show started all that "Live for Today" stuff, it really got me thinking about the simple things I want to do before I die. And there aren't too many SIMPLE things, but here is a top 10 list of the things I would like to do before I die.

10. Host some sort of really fun, really big celebration with lots of friends and family around.
I've never had a big family and what family I do have is spread out all over the country now. We never had traditional, big family get-togethers, but I did always love the small family reunions and stuff. I've only been to one family wedding in my lifetime too! I kinda missed out on all that traditional family stuff and that makes me sad.

09. Go on Safari
I have wanted to go onSafari since I was a little kid! I loved National Geographic and Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom shows on TV. Going on Safari and #6 on my list (pyramids) where my DREAMS as a child (so was visiting Dinosaur Nat'l Monument in Utah - but I did that when I was 19).

08. Visit Australia
When I think Australia I think of wildlife and I love animals. I would enjoy seeing the outback and getting the down-under version of a safari trip. I would also love just to visit the cities and see the Sydney Zoo (which is supposed to be one of the best zoos in the world!). I would learn to scuba for this trip so that I could see the great coral reef!

07. Do an art history tour of Europe
I tried to go to Italy when I was in my Junior year of college but it is hella expensive! I was crushed when I realized there was no way for me to go. I was already on a list to find a roomate for the semester and everything! I still want to go one day and really see all of the wonderful things I learned about in Art History. I had 7 art history classes (which is enough for a minor if they allowed graphic design students to have that minor- but they don't here!) and it really sucks not being able to see the frescos & architecture in person.
Italy would be my main concentration, but there are so many other great things (especially architecturally) in Europe I would love to see.

06. See the great pyramids
Like I said, this stuff has fascinated me since I was a kid! There is something so mystical about it all. I don't know what they allow you to see, but it would be cool to be able to see some of the chambers or see archaeologists working on a site!

05. Swim with dolphins
They seem so darn friendly and fun! They are like big, water dogs or something. I think it would feel wierd to be in such close proximity to a large, underwater animal!

04. Visit the Ruins of Rome & Pompei
Another one of those childhood curiosity things. I was so infatuated with Pompei when I was a kid...I would watch every single show that came on TV about it and I would get my mom to rent videos from the library and stuff. When I was 9 I wanted to be an archaeologist. I wanted to do that until I was about 19 and realized it was something I liked, but I didn't want to do for a living - there wasn't enough change. But, animals & archaeology definately rule my interests.

03. Swim in the clear blue waters off the coast of Bora Bora
Another thing National Geographic magazine did for me when I was a kid was show me beaches and oceans & stuff. We never EVER went on vacation to the beach. My father was a mountain man and in the mountains we stayed. I had never even been to the beach before until I was 15. Bora Bora was a fold-out spread in one of the Nat'l Geo mags we got all the time. I tore it out and put it on my wall and then found Bora Bora on a globe. The island is shaped like a ring and the water around is clear blue. From the overhead shot in the mag it is was emerald green all around the edges of the coast. I wish I still had that picture.

02. Hold a baby tiger Cub
This is the most simple of my requests from life. I think I may be able to make this one happen if I tried. My favorite of animals is cats and big cats rock. I have always wanted to hold a baby tiger cub. I love their feet. They are so cute and cuddly looking and they have the funniest little roary-purr thing they do. I've seen "Growing up Tiger" on animal planet like 5 times!

01. Travel from East coast to West Coast (up the California shoreline) & back again in a convertible
This just sounds like FUN! It is so cliched, but I would love to take an entire month (may would be good!) and just drive from coast to coast and stop anywhere I want to. I want to eat at little obscure hole-in-the-wall diners and see all the little out of the way places. I want to stay off the interstate and drive the backroads the way they do in movies. Then when I get to California I want to see the entire coast line all the way up to seeing the redwoods.

Can you imagine what an incredible life you would have lived if you could do just 4 or 5 of those things?!

What is something YOU really really really want to do before you die?

A Swiss Cheese Incident

My cat cracks me up. This is gross, but he hurls a LOT. He gets all excited and eats too fast then hurls. And he has this weird, extremely HIGH pitch sound he makes before he barfs... Its unmistakable and it makes me cringe because not only does it sound painful, but that means I have to clean it up.

Well, yesterday Patrick was eating a piece of swiss cheese and our cat (who is a little begger) kept trying to see what he was eating. So patrick held it out and let him sniff it (yeah, we all do dumb stuff like that...). Anyways, the cat made the "I'm smelling something I don't like" face and then he actually GAGGED. He made the little squeaky high pitched noise and everything!

It was hillarious. I've never seen a cat so repulsed by a smell that he gagged.
And for a piece of swiss cheese? There are smellier cheeses out there.

He ran off the couch after that and gave Patrick that "Why did you do that to me?" face....

What a dummy cat :P

NS dammit!

At least blogging is easy.

I'm trying to update my parents website and I can't make the FREAKIN' THING WORK! It is makin' me angered.

The domain is registered one place and the hosting is in another.
I don't know what nameserver to use.

Do I use the domain's ns or the host's ns?
Or is ALL of that totally wrong?

The website shows up at but not at www.westwayscourt.com

Costume PartAY!

So, the conference I'm going to in Chicago is going to be so great! Monday night is a masquerade/costume party and I am pretty sure I'm going to dress up like a redneck Alabama hot mama! It'll be super cheap to design a costume for. I'll blackout a couple of teeth, get some hospital style house-shoes, a NASCAR t-shirt that has been cut off and scoop-necked with a tank top underneath. A beer-koozie, some rollers left in my hair. Maybe even one of those cigarette case thingies and a box of Capri cigarettes (those stupid, thin nasty ones!)... LOL

As for the mask part of the masquerade... it doesn't matter what kind of mask I have because rednecks are STUPID and they don't care. It works out perfectly. Although, a Hockey mask from the Jason movies would be the bomb... The other day Patrick and I saw one hanging from the gun rack of some guys pick-up truck. It's the subtle touches... LOL

It'll be a hoot!


I think that the "Next Blog" icon should be able to specify whether you want the next blog to be in Engrish or not because I keep getting funky Asian web sites that lock my computer up. Toshiya's website is no good to me.


I saw this Asian guy yesterday wearing a T-shirt that said "Yellow Rat Bastards" on it.....

Is that a band? :P

Greek food!

I hope the Greek Festival in Montgomery doesn't get rained out tomorrow! I never EVER thought I'd say this, but... lamb is yummy! :P


I wish I had about $500 bucks to go spend on nothing but clothes, shoes & accessories. That would be SO much fun. I just found out that one of my favorite online looking spots (www.torrid.com) actually has a store in Atlanta. That is about 1 and 1/2 hours from here - and a great place to shop. So many cute dresses! My summer clothes need updated badly. My outfit today looks pretty...baggy. I hate linen... it looks great freshly pressed but... when you sit in it all day and then stand... it kind of halos around you. And it kinda feels like I'm nekkid from the waste down when I stand... very drafty...very strange feeling at work LOL

I want new, cute, adorably fashionable things!
I saw an Oscar de la renta skirt at belks I would looooove to have. It was on sale. Argh!

I should buy a few new things for Chicago in June... can't go to the big city lookin' all baggy and trashy, right?


This is my new and improved Office!
It is quite yellow. Some have called it the "Cheese Wagon" and some refer to it's color as #2 Pencil-esque. I am quite happy with it and it's bright color. Many thanks to my handsome assistant, Patrick for all the cursing and sweating spend on this job! This has been done for quite some time now, but I just finally got around to showing it off....

Here is a close up of my nifty little retro desk toys... I love them!!!

I'm glad I'm not alone

I was watching the TODAY show this morning and there was a report about how American's don't have a weekend anymore. TODAY said that studies show that Americans take home work and if they aren't taking home their 8-5 for the weekend, they are bogged down with chores and tasks all weekend long leaving no time for relaxation and recharge time.

An expert they had speaking said that it is leading to a less productive work week because no one gets refueled during the weekend - they stay just as busy or even BUSIER than they would doing the 40 hour week.

I'm so glad they acknowledge stuff like that from time to time because it reassures me that I am not a bad manager of time, but I am doing what tons of others are doing - trying to live!

My weekends lately have SUCKED. It is laundry (to the laundry mat of course) and grocery shopping, and catching up at the gym, and cleaning, and a little sleeping in, and visiting in-laws, and whatever else comes up like washing the car or doing some other extra work. It's everything that there is no time for during the week.

However, the stupid bitch's idea of fixing that problem is to hire someone to clean and shop and do your laundry.

Whatever! Who the hell can afford that? That would be like $250 a week to get clothes washed and someone clean? Crazy bitch.

In conclusioni... Life's a Bitch..then you die.

ZERO concentration

I have no concentration today. I cannot do my work to save my life. I think we should ALL be allowed to have these days occasionally, but I don't have time for a bad concentration day! EEK!

I wish I could put everything on hold and take my vacation. I sure need one!

To all the blogs I've loved before....

I've been a blog slacker lately. Which basically means that my slacker ways have just shifted from being a work slacker to a blog slacker. If only blogging paid the bills!

But, I'm making a whole-hearted effort to resume at least 3-5 posts a week or more-however boring they may be. Maybe I'll get some inspiration along the way. I was deeply saddened when I realized my blog had made the graveyard group! :)

But, I do understand.

So, yesterday was a good day. Patrick bought me a pair of really nice bling-blinging earrings yesterday out of the blue. I love them! They are pretty and they go with everything. I don't change out earrings often so thats how I like 'em.

AND yesterday I went back to the gym after pretty much a week of being out because of having a friend in town. I was dreading it. I was dreading it BAD. But, somehow or another I managed to lose 5 more pounds in one week of eating pizza, a "tour of Italy" at an Italian resteraunt, and mousetracks pie. Not to mention other things in between of course. It was my most unhealthy week since I started all this stuff. I don't understand it... but I don't have to :)
All I care is I got results one way or another.

Which brings my grand total of poundage up to *drum roll please*.......43lbs!
7lbs away from the first major goal.

Yeee haw.

Mad Libs are Fun

This past week we had a friend in town for Graduation and we bought some Mad Libs at Cracker Barrell (god, I hate that name, #1- It screams racist, backwards redneck crap and #2-I cannot spell Barrell to save my life, and #3 I can't pronounce it right either...something about the way "Cracker" and "Barrell" Play off one another....)

Anyways, we died laughing that night. I mean, it was HILLARIOUS! I'll have to post one of them online, but then again it will really be telling of how juvenille I really am. I mean, our friend Jeremy would have put "Diarrhea" in for every single blank had we not stressed that not every word is a NOUN.

Anyways, it was fun.

It reminded me of all the Mad Libs we used to make up for ourselves in H.S....
My friend and I would write Mad Lib stories specifically for a person and then make them pick words. It was even more hillarious because it could be all specialized and stuff.

Ahhh.. the good ol' days.


Taken earlier today at Toomer's corner. My office building is in the background... Yay for graduation.

The Vice President Dick Cheney is speaking at the ceremony. It is going to be sooooo freakin' crazy in this itty bitty town. There will be snipers on the top of the collesium. That is always fun.

Ugh. The ceremony is at 10am and we'll have to be there at 7.30am!

But, Yay for Patrick! He is a perfect 4.0 student. Never had a B. Ever. Never-ever. It's amazing!