My funny tanning story

So, about a week ago I had gone to the tanning bed after a good, long work out at the gym. I was laying there for like 18 minutes or so and feeling fine and then bed turned off and I got out, got dressed, was putting on my shoes when I started feeling REALLLLY weird...

The room was hearing was all off-it was like I turned down my own volume... Well, I tried to shake it off, but couldn't, so I left the room and decided to get some water ASAP.

The new girl working at the tanning bed was walking by and I said in a really spacey voice "I don't feel so great...can I get some water?" and she looked at me all wide-eyed and nodded--didn't even say a word.

Next thing ya know, its dark and I hear "Sewing the seeds of looooove the seeeds of looooove SEWING THE SEEDS..." and I remember thinking "ooh, I like that song". It was the piped-in music...

Then I opened my eyes....

And I saw the ceiling.

Yes,,,, I had PASSED OUT LOL.
Totally passed out.

So, anyways, I got up from the floor and the girl is still all wide-eyed and silent. The other girl was calm as could be. I said to her,

"Was I on the floor?"

She handed me the water and I drank it.

After a little water I was FINE. Like totally fine and it didn't even feel like it had happened. I was pretty embarrassed at first, but then the girl told me it happens a lot. People just get over-heated and usually they are fine after some water....

The whole thing was pretty funny-especially hearing the music and the realization that was on the floor with my arms and legs all sprawled out. I wish I had a picture of that new girl's face.

And I learned a valuable lesson--DRINK MORE WATER :) LOL

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37lbs & 2 Chocolate Chip Cookies later...

Yes, it has been a long time since I have blogged about ANYthing. I've been crazy busy with my work. Here is what I am working on: EVERYTHING!!!!!!!
No, really... My big project is re-designing the biggest piece of recruitement material for the university. I am designing the Viewbook and about 5 or 6 other brochures & pieces to go with it and it has been CRAZY. Lots of photo shoots where I have to tell people what to do. It is wierd sometimes - like playing human Barbies or something. But, the whole thing is a HUGE responsibility and I admit that it is stressing me out to no end. I dream about work every night.

I also have the weight of the 'zine on my shoulders as well as redesigning my parents web page for REAL this time. They desperately need my help.

I'm also celebrating my 9th week of working out at the gym. I'm doing GREAT! I love it and I don't ever want to stop. I have progressed so much in such a small amount of time. It is pretty cool. I've lost 37lbs so far which is great. And I think going to the gym is what has kept me from going insane with so much work.

And I haven't gone insane craving food because I eat little bits of what I want. I had 2 cookies today that someone brought in and I thought I was going to tear up they were so good. Sugar is a wonderful thing.

So, anyways, I want to say I miss blogging. I miss my bloggers!! I miss getting a moment to slack off and read what you interesting people say. And if I don't respond to emails I am SO sorry. It has just been craziness!

Enough about me, how are YOU? :)

Just an observation

Prince Charles is marrying a really ugly, homely wretch of a woman, isn't he? I mean, he's no looker himself, but GEEZ. She's pretty rich. She looks AWEFULLY frumpy for a rich lady. She needs some new hair or something...

My over-all point is that she just has too much money to look so homely. I don't have a problem with those who aren't "beautiful". But, ol' Camilla looks like a High School dykey softball coach or something.

Anyways, thats the end of my completely mean-spirited observation.