Oh my GOD. Can things BE any busier around here? It literally looks like our office exploded or something. I've been so busy at work that sometimes I'll go for hours having to pee and just CAN'T because someone is always looking for me or I'm in a meeting or I have to go to a photo shoot or something. It is crazy.

I have a HUUUUGE project that I'm in the middle of with deadlines EVERYwehre. 2 small projects. Something I have to design for my mom & dad's business. Then the boss dropped a bomb on us because he's got a meeting with the Pres. Wednesday and needs a HUUUGE display and boards showing what our department does. We need more photography, but won't be able to schedule anything for like 2 weeks because the photographers are taking vacation. 1 of the 3 designers here is out and out office manager too.

THEN....oh yes... THEN they come in to PAINT OUR OFFICES.
There are men in white jumpsuits all over the place and wet walls too. I have to keep my window open to air out the fumes, BUT, there is like a 40 degree breeze blowing in the window.

It was already a mad house before the paint and now it is REALLY a madhouse.

heeeellllp meeeee...

I'll be seeing my office this weekend for sure.



Anonymous said...

Just keep the windows closed and get high off of the fumes. All your worries will disappear. ;)

Melissa said...

Hey! Is this why you haven't been around the forum as much lately??? Come back to us! Okay, I admit, I haven't been visiting the forum much either, so I understand.

So, Devon got Chicago approval! We'll have to tear up Chicago! :-)

Mary said...

Joy - AND on top of all the paint fumes (they were still painting yesterday & Today too!) we were spray mounting all day yesterday. Talk about a stink-fest. The spray mount will get ya high faster!

Mel - yeah, that is exactly why! Eek! Its been pretty crazy. I hardly even sit at my computer anymore these days. Funny thing is, I have all this work to do, but it hasn't been in front of the computer. It has been photo shoots and presentations and stuff. Fun, but sooo time-consuming!