Skateboards & Focus Groups

Being on a college campus can be really cool. Last week we did a photo shoot in Fiber Engineering, and we used some of the student projects as props. One of the first projects they do is to make a skateboard from scratch! I asked the guy when do I get to make one? And he said this summer he could set it up so that me and the marketing director can make a skateboard. I am SO excited! I'm looking forward to it and I am also looking forward to designing the graphics that go on it.

I guess the coolest thing about it will be that I can say "I made that - the WHOLE thing!". It looks like a very interesting, easy to do project.

Today I am going to Columbus, GA. for a "focus group" with some teens who are looking at some of my design. Of course, they won't know I'm the designer, but we are looking for more feedback.

One thing that DOES piss me off though, is that they don't understand the concept of wide-angle and fish-eye lenses. They say things like "Why is the room all round and curvey???" ... Dumbasses. They "don't like it" when the room is curvey. It looks funny.

Geez! Dumb, backward redneck idiot kids!



Anonymous said...

Wow, that would be so cool to make a skateboard. I'm sure you'll post some pics of it in the summer. :)

So, why IS the room all curvy? Hehe.

Mary said...

Southern teens are so freakin' conservative and boring. BORING. SO BORING. And terribly precocious....

The focus group went better than expected in a lot of ways, but it still FLOORS me how boring they are. I will have to post what we showed them that they liked.