I had the worst hotel experience ever on Tuesday night. Patrick and I had to go to N. Alabama to do some research for his paper. Well... I got a room on Orbitz and it was a Ramada Limited. Good chain. Thought there was no problem. We got in really late. We paid in cash (using a credit card to reserve online - we thought).

Well, it was WAY late, we were exhausted and we figured it wasn't so bad. We just wanted to sleep. Well, the closer we looked at the floor and the walls and breathed in the rank air in that place, we realized we wish we weren't there.

I have no idea what this ramada is LIMITED to, but I'd say Limited to what? The number of prostitutes you can get in one night? The number of nasty mystery-stains they can have on the floor? The number of times they can clean out the showers real well? The number of days they can go without vacuming the carpet? The number of times you can leave your room and go to the boozefest bar across the parking lot? The number of times you can call the police because someone is yelling "M*therF*cker!!!" outside your room? The number of hairdryers you can have strapped to the walls (because ours didn't have one and I needed one)?

AND, all this wouldn't be SO bad if - IF... they hadn't charged me TWICE.
I'm pretty pissed now. Ramada has already been called and when I get home, I am going to call the one we stayed at and tell them how aweful their room was. I might even go into the whole "Limited to what" bit.



Anonymous said...

Wow. That sucks so bad.
When I stayed at a Howard Johnson in Vegas... they charged me twice too.. but the second charge was a few bucks different than the first. I think they paid for someone else's room with my card. They tried to tell me some lame reason trying to say what happened, but I could care less really. They credited my account back the same day.