Jersey Girl

Last night Patrick and I watched View Askew's "Jersey Girl" and failed to find what everyone thought was so god-aweful about the movie.

Granted, it is a chick-flickish crowd-please movie , but it was so damn sweet! I really think that all the Bennifer madness ruined the movie. J-Ho was barely a factor for me and I think this is my favorite performance by Ben Affleck ever. Except for his role in Good Will Hunting - but in many ways those two are uncomparable.

I will totally admit to you that I cried like a baby during this movie. I even liked their funny little names Ollie & Gertrude! George Carlin (Pop) as Ben's (Ollie) father was even an endearing character. He actually reminded me of my own father and their little Jersey life was so normal.

Anyways, I liked the movie and I don't think it deserved all the bad press it got! It just goes to show you how too much coverage of people in the media can actually hurt your movies rather than help them!



Anonymous said...

I heard many good things about the movie, so I'm not surprised you liked it. I never did get around to seeing it myself though.

Unknown said...

The parts with Lopez put a heavy weight on top of a light fun comedy. I think the beginning drama and light fun movie that came after did not go well together. I think they could and should of cut J-lo out of the movie and spent more time with the real romance. The interplay between the two reminded me so much of When Harry Met Sally.

Jeope said...

Hey Mary, have you ever checked out "Changing Lanes", "Bounce" or "Boiler Room"? These are also not-bad Affleck flicks. They play more to his strengths.