Itching to buy something!

I'm just dying to buy something NEW. Don't you hate it when you want to spend money, but don't have any or are way too thrifty to buy what you want?
I found this GAWGEOUS black evening dress for about $100 and I want to buy it so bad. Now, where the HELL am I going to go in an evening dress?

Lets see...?? Sit on the couch watching Mystery Science Theater 3000 with the cat on my lap? Um. NO.

I guess more than actually HAVING the evening dress, I wish I had the time & money to go do something fun while wearing it. But, I guess we can't have everything, eh?

Life is just a conundrum of never-ending contrary...



Anonymous said...

I wanted to buy something today. I was at Sav-on and was waiting for my prescriptions... so that spelled trouble. I bought some sandwich baggies, tissue, and the thing I could have lived without, more hair dye.