Gymnasium nausium?

Today I start the gym for the first time in a long time.

Yesterday we went on a tour of the facilities. It is the most expensive gym in town and it has gadgets and tvs attached to every single thing. I must admit, it was very intimidating being there with so many whirring & whirling pieces of equipment. I'm a little nervous about going. But, I picked a Friday night to start because only dorks go to the gym on Friday night. (ah...that's it! I'm a DORK, not a NERD!)

Anyway, the first thing I noticed about the gym when I walked in was the smell. It isn't gross, it isn't pleasant, but it is just the smell of a gym. It's unmistakable.

The 2nd thing I noticed is that it is mostly the regular-looking people who work out there - which I like. They are rich, regular looking people. I'm poor and regular looking, but oh well. Maybe one of the treadmill grandmas will adopt me as their surrogate grand-daughter or something. LOL Yeah, right.

The third thing I noticed was more like something I remembered from the last time I went to the gym--lockerooms are wierd and uncomfortable.

Maybe it'll be fun. They have a pool. Classes like yoga, spinning, and kickboxing...
I'm nervous, but I'm going to try to get into it!

Have a spectacular weekend, folks!



Go Kayak said...

Good luck with the gym. I joined one once and didn't have enough discipline to get myself there. Hope you and P have been doing well. Thanks for all the well-wishes while I had the flu.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the gym! The hardest part for me was making myself get there, but once I was there, I'd have tons of fun. Also, yoga is great!!

Jeope said...

Regular people rule.

I can't get my butt in a gym. Kerry goes, but I dunno. I'd get performance anxiety if I went. Plus she's always gettin' colds and I think the Y is mostly to blame. My workout right now is waiting until spring to get my bike out.