The crazy, militant, bible-thumpin' transmission man

This is a classic, southern bible-thumpin' story for you. Back about 7 years ago before I had moved to Auburn I had some transmission trouble with my 1989 Mazda 626 so I took my car to a local transmission man to have it looked at. When we went to pick it up, we found out that he hadn't worked on the car at all.

My brother had gone with me and we began talking to the owner/mechanic and he said that my transmission was computerized and there was nothing he could do about it. Somehow or another we got into a long, drawn-out conversation about these dag-blasted, new-fangled foreign cars with all their confounded computerized parts! He obviously wasn't a man of technology. SO, basically my brother and I said "thanks anyway" and we tried to leave.

But, no. This guy thought he had a captive audience and he began to talk more. He began to talk about how computers were going to be the end of the world and began quoting bible scriptures that he thought related to the evils of technology.

This, of course turned into a completely one-sided conversation where he went on &on for at least 1/2 an hour about his belief in jesus christ and his devotion and the 2nd coming of the lord! He went on to tell us about how he also owned the military surplus store in town and that he has a school bus buried in his back yard with supplies so that he can survive the evil that god was going to destroy the earth with when technology clouds our earthly brains and we forget the lord.

This guy talked until it started raining outside and he STILL didn't shut up. My brother and I began backing up slowing when the rain came and backing up even more quickly when his eyes got all crazy and it was coming down pretty hard.

This guy was INSANE. Seriously. We never took another vehicle back to him. In honor of this story, I made this sign as



Go Kayak said...

Ick...grew up with people like that. They forget to live their lives now because they are so focused on the "Second Coming." Didn't Jesus say no one would know when it was to occur. Didn't he say that many will predict, but no one knows...Geez. It's like when barcoding became available...OMG! It's the mark of the beast.

Incidentally, the 1989 626 and the Ford Probe have the same engine. If you ever need a new engine, go to a junk yard and look for either another 626 or a Probe.

Chris said...

Mary, you should be thankful. In this country, the worst religious nut you can run into will talk your ear off about the "Rapture" and the coming "Mark of the Beast."

By comparison, the Middle East has religious nuts a dime a dozen who dont want to talk to you about wacky theology at all. They just hit the button and send everyone on your block straight into the next world.

Dunno about you, but I'll take the mark-of-the-beast chatterboxes over nitro-Hassim any day of the week.