Speaking of Falco

Once, when "Rock Me Amadeus" was in the hight of it's popularity, my mom went to the local video store alone and brought back movies to watch.... She rented "Amadeus" the movie because she thought it was a rock video for the song and we would like that. My mom is so naive about those things. Very sweet, but naive :P

Needless to say, I can still recall images of dead bodies in a mass grave covered in lime or something.... it was NOT the rock video. It was kind of crazy. I've never seen that movie as an adult.



lori said...

the music vid for the song isn't much better. it's basically falco singing with a bunch of europeans dressed in 18th century/s&m clothing.

now there's an interesting fetish

Joe said...

it isn't much better as an adult. all that fakey 18th-century stuff really gets on my nerves.

Go Kayak said...

Ahhh, your mom was being so thoughtful. :o)

I liked the movie Amadeus even though lots of license was taken with history.

devon spec said...

amadeus used to be my FAVORITE movie of all time when i was in 7th grade. i used to imagine i was his wife, i was a bit obsessed. ;) everybody else loved NKOTB and i was in love with mozart. so, needless to say, i was considered a "wierdo"

i used to rent it from giant eagle, and walk 20 min. to and from i loved it so much. so, one day i was going to walk to get it, and my mom was like, "dev... hold on" she had bought it for me and was going to give it to me for x-mas!!!! i was so excited. i watched it like, 17 x's in one week. and now my tape is all worn out, but i still have it!

Mary said...

Okay, I've GOT to see this movie again...It's going on Netflix. Patrick is going to be like "What got into you!" when he sees that arrive LOL

Mass graves!? Am I remembering correctly? I did have a vivid imaginatioN!

devon spec said...

mass graves, ---yup. i won't ruin the movie for you too much. AND it's not a "feel good" kinda movie though... :D