Random Facts about Mary (2005 ed.)

>>I am 1/16 Cherokee Indian and I think you can kinda tell. However, when I used to work in the mall Mexican guys would ask me if I spoke Spanish like all the time and told me I look Hispanic.

>>Once, when I was a little kid, we had 13 cats. (all outdoor).

>>I hate people who lie all the time
>>My mom and dad own a small motel in Delta Colorado.

>>My older brother and only sibling is an art teacher.

>>Garfield the cartoon character and I have the EXACT same birth date June 19th, 1978 - the comic strip was syndicated into newspapers the very same day of that year. If you see a newspaper's comics on that day you'll find Garfield celebrated that birthday! (Oh, this was SO cool to me in the 80's!)

>>I really like paper & free stuff from paper companies

>>I grew up catholic, but I'm non-affiliated now.

>>Despite my sarcastic, potty mouth, the two people I admire most are the late Mother Theresa and the Dali Lama

>>I love the beach

>>One of my favorite dishes is Puerco Pibil

>>I'm a fool for organizing things

>>I'm kind of a clean freak

>>I used to sell cell phones

>>I scar easily

>>My 2nd toe is considerably longer than my 1st toe.

>>I have two freckles on the index finger of my left hand.

>>I sing when I am alone in the car

>>My best friend from high school is a guy named Patrick (lots of Patricks in my life!)

>>I think that sugar is the best thing in the world!

>>I like ice cream better than cake

>>I still eat ice cream somtimes even though I am lactose intolerant

>>I own a copy of the Andy Griffith Trivia game and I beat the pants off of those who challenge me!

>>I don't like to salt my food

>>I like eating with chopstix

>>I wear a size 8 ring and a size 10.5 shoe

>>I need a haircut

>>I've never broken a bone in my body and I hope like hell to keep it that way forever

>>I've never had a major operation

>>I played basketball from the 2nd through the 7th grade and a sucked ass at it.

>>I love Jelly Belly's Butter flavored Popcorn jelly beans!

>>I wear black pants to work like every single day.

>>About 6 years ago, someone asked me how tall I was and not knowing how tall I actually was, I told them I was like 5'8"... well, about 2 years after that I actually measured how tall I was and I am actually 5'4.5" tall. I was flabbergasted! I felt like a dumb-ass too because I'm a shorty-shrimp and I didn't even know it!

>>I've been to see Pearl jam in Concert 3 times and Madonna once. And they were all awesome!

>>The farthest West I have ever been in Utah and the farthest North I have ever been in Montana

>>I've been to Juarez, Mexico one time and got totally lost there.

>>I dislike Alabama in many ways, but I think that when I move I'll eventually miss it.

>>I haven't spent the night away from Patrick in at least 2 years

>>I like the way Canadian people say "been"...

>>My face turns majorly bright red when I get embarrassed

>>I have been in one major car accident that resulted in 19 stitches to my left arm

>>I hate going to the dentish more than anything I can think of

>>I hate the words "moist" ..."frog"...and "tummy" and I don't really like the word "yummy" either

>>I like to watch American Idol auditions

>>When I was in the 6th grade I was voted class clown

>>I used to have a subscription to Discover magazine

>>For 10 years of my life (9-19) I thought I wanted to be an anthropologist when I grew up

>>It took me 7 years to get my bachelors degree

>>I would like to my masters degree in design from the University of Arizona in Tuscon

...wow...thats all I got for now...here's the link to my old facts from like 3 years ago...

OLD 50 random facts about Me



Anonymous said...

One note... I'm part Cherokee too! :) I'm 1/8.

Jeope said...

1. I've been saying "been" in front of the mirror all morning. I don't think I get the buzz that you do.

2. Breaking a bone stinks. I broke my arm as a paperboy once. I told each customer I did it on their sidewalk, and got some sweet tips from it.

- Jeope Canuck