This is the only fully-arched rainbow I've ever seen in my life. This picture doesn't capture it nearly as well as we saw it, but it was really cool!

Atlanta Botanical Gardens in the kids section

Atlanta Botanical Gardens - Dale Chihuly exhibit

Atlanta Botanical Gardens - a GIANT lilly pad

Atlanta Botanical Gardens - reflection of brown-eyed susans in a pond

My silly parents on Christmas

My parents motel decorated for Xmas

Patrick got me Puss-n-boots for Xmas!

Devon sent me a My Little Pony named Sew N Sew for Xmas... I brush her hair everytime I sit at my computer LOL

This picture has a sic color to it LOL But I like it anyways... I don't know why

Our New Years celebration at The Chat Noir (which is what we call our dining room table becaue of Steinlen's Chat Noir print on the wall beside the table)

We even got all fancied up!

Cheers! Happy New Year (yeah, it is sparkling grape juice... hehehe...:) )

HEH HEH - I'm so immature!

A poorly named truck stop in Colorado! The picture is kinda cruddy because I had to zoom like crazy, but the semi-truck was actually a very bright purple...I thought that added a little extra humor to the whole thing.



stacie said...

Nice pics! I love Gay Johnsons... that's great. :)

andrew said...

yeah for pics... if you lived in calif. you could have came to our new years eve partay...

devon spec said...

you look beauuuuutiful! :D

grape juice eh? sounds like a wild time :P

sew n sew looks very healthy. i'm glad you're taking care of her!!!!

spotted dick... eh heh heh.

heh heh.

Go Kayak said...

Mary, these are great! Thanks for sharing them. You and Patrick look like you are have such a great time!