Pet Peeves

There aren't too many things that really just piss me off. People who lie all the time or exaggerate things too much REALLY piss me off. I hate a liar and to me, if you constantly over-exaggerate things just to make something intersting, then why should I listen to you? And I really hate how people who lie or make up stupid shit think I'm too dumb to notice...

ANYway, this is about another minor pet peeve. I spent like ALL day yesterday giving other people advice (that they asked for) about how to make their hallway bulletin boards/display cases look good (sounds like elementary school, huh?). THEN, after spending all day standing there looking at the damn things, they want ME and my coworker to do it. JEeesus! Why did we spend all damn day yesterday giving you suggestions if you were just gonna get us to do it! SHIT! We could have been half way done with it by now!

Gah! People around here talk things to DEATH. Sometimes I just want to say "Shut the F up and get out of my way!" or "Get your own ideas, you butt-munch!"

They are going to make me break out my industrial strength can of professional whoop-ass!

Anyways, my other point is... I'm Glad Martin Luther King Jr. gave us a holiday. And it is on holidays like these when I am glad that political correctness has gotten totally out of hand. I am glad that Universities must celebrate MLKJr. Day in order to maintain their image. And, finally, I am glad that I have the day off to do whatever I want to.

Ah, 3 day weekends are the best!



devon spec said...

my drunk upstairs neighbor does that too mary.

she asks my opinion on things because my taste is infinately better than hers, and then she does what she wants anyway.

hee-llooo! my way is better, drunk neighbor.

Melissa said...

I love the term "butt munch." It really isn't used enough nowadays. :-)

Rob does that to me sometimes. I get all irritated. First of all, he always asks my opinion on things I know nothing about! "What do you think I should do with my 10th graders on Thursday? They'll be doing comparison essays on Wednesday, so I want it related to that." How the hell should I know! I'm not a teacher! Geez! I barely have time to do my own shiznit because I'm always helping Rob with his! Anyway, end vent.

I wish Martin Luther King Jr was a pharmacist or something because then maybe I'd have the day off too. Oh well. The world needs available pharmacists, and god knows no one can survive without the graphic designer for a day! :-)