Just apostrophize it!

What is UP with parents making up ridiculous names for their children? Just for fun, I went to the local hospitals birth announcement section and here are some of the ridiculous ones! How are these children ever going to learn their names? Will they ever? Do they know how dumb this shit sounds? What happened to good old names? If comedians can make fun of these names, then I can too...

Anyways, let the hillarity begin...

Jaylen B'nard
Zy'Reon Zy'Keith (just Zy'Stupid!)
Za'Quirious Damarcus TyQuan
Travontez Zyrien
Jaquaveous Andrew
Jo'Nathan MarQuez
Faizon Dorian (sounds like some kind of machine from the Back to the Future movies)
Sa'Qauan Nasir
Ja'Quavious Kortrez
Quindravious Mar'Quez
Da'Vion Bryant
Kavargale D'Edwin
Ja'Quez Makei'
Da'Shawn Na'Kilo (a kilo of what??!)
Cor'Sean Laquavious

I'yonna De'Nai (I wanna deny? her sister's name is India Da'Asiya...no shit)
KayLeon La'Khi
Kei' Ericka Denesha
K'nyah Nichole
Shaniyah Sona' (why an apostophe at the END?)
Aymber Jhane' (yet again...what does this MEAN!?)
Xyliah Ja'Nigue (dear lord!)



Go Kayak said...

My all time favorite and yes, I kid you not:
LaTrine. Obviously this mother had never looked up the meaning...just thought it had a nice ring to it...

Main Entry: la·trine
Pronunciation: l&-'trEn
Function: noun
Etymology: French, from Latin latrina, contraction of lavatrina, from lavare to wash -- more at LYE
1 : a receptacle (as a pit in the earth) for use as a toilet

Jeope said...

Sweet fancy Moses, where is this local hospital? The Magical Kingdom Of Apostrophes? (Apostrophi? I dunno). Wow. Poor tots.

- drcolossus

Mary said...

LaTrine!? Okay, I think there needs to be a "Stop The Madness" campaign against these dumb names! For the children's sake!

Jeope - Well, Lets just say that if you lived in my neck of the woods you would definately know you weren't in Canada anymore :)

Anonymous said...

Please don't tell me that those are actual children's names!