In Retrospect

Because of Napoleon Dynamite Patrick and I were talking about all the "looks" throughout our lifetimes and how ridiculous they were or what stayed and what was a fad. I asked him what he thought 2004's "look" was and he said that the girls looked like "emaciated clown-whores"

I like that... I think it sounds like a great name for a band... The ECW...Emaciated Clown Whores... I could be the lead singer (very ironic all in of itself)....anyone else? LOL



devon spec said...

can i be the keyboardist?!

if we do have something here, you know there's gonna be a logo smackdown. :)

devon spec said...

oh, and about the whole "emaciated" thing. i'll probably have to stop eating ice cream. hm.

i might havae to rethink this venture.

Mary said...

Nah, you wouldn't have to stop... We'll just wear skinny little clown-whore masks or something.... LOL We'll be based in irony... We'll start a new genre... Ironic Rock.