I'm Napoleon!

Napoleon Dyanamite

Go Napoleon go!

**flashy napoleon got on my nerves so i took it off!**

Random Facts about Mary (2005 ed.)

>>I am 1/16 Cherokee Indian and I think you can kinda tell. However, when I used to work in the mall Mexican guys would ask me if I spoke Spanish like all the time and told me I look Hispanic.

>>Once, when I was a little kid, we had 13 cats. (all outdoor).

>>I hate people who lie all the time
>>My mom and dad own a small motel in Delta Colorado.

>>My older brother and only sibling is an art teacher.

>>Garfield the cartoon character and I have the EXACT same birth date June 19th, 1978 - the comic strip was syndicated into newspapers the very same day of that year. If you see a newspaper's comics on that day you'll find Garfield celebrated that birthday! (Oh, this was SO cool to me in the 80's!)

>>I really like paper & free stuff from paper companies

>>I grew up catholic, but I'm non-affiliated now.

>>Despite my sarcastic, potty mouth, the two people I admire most are the late Mother Theresa and the Dali Lama

>>I love the beach

>>One of my favorite dishes is Puerco Pibil

>>I'm a fool for organizing things

>>I'm kind of a clean freak

>>I used to sell cell phones

>>I scar easily

>>My 2nd toe is considerably longer than my 1st toe.

>>I have two freckles on the index finger of my left hand.

>>I sing when I am alone in the car

>>My best friend from high school is a guy named Patrick (lots of Patricks in my life!)

>>I think that sugar is the best thing in the world!

>>I like ice cream better than cake

>>I still eat ice cream somtimes even though I am lactose intolerant

>>I own a copy of the Andy Griffith Trivia game and I beat the pants off of those who challenge me!

>>I don't like to salt my food

>>I like eating with chopstix

>>I wear a size 8 ring and a size 10.5 shoe

>>I need a haircut

>>I've never broken a bone in my body and I hope like hell to keep it that way forever

>>I've never had a major operation

>>I played basketball from the 2nd through the 7th grade and a sucked ass at it.

>>I love Jelly Belly's Butter flavored Popcorn jelly beans!

>>I wear black pants to work like every single day.

>>About 6 years ago, someone asked me how tall I was and not knowing how tall I actually was, I told them I was like 5'8"... well, about 2 years after that I actually measured how tall I was and I am actually 5'4.5" tall. I was flabbergasted! I felt like a dumb-ass too because I'm a shorty-shrimp and I didn't even know it!

>>I've been to see Pearl jam in Concert 3 times and Madonna once. And they were all awesome!

>>The farthest West I have ever been in Utah and the farthest North I have ever been in Montana

>>I've been to Juarez, Mexico one time and got totally lost there.

>>I dislike Alabama in many ways, but I think that when I move I'll eventually miss it.

>>I haven't spent the night away from Patrick in at least 2 years

>>I like the way Canadian people say "been"...

>>My face turns majorly bright red when I get embarrassed

>>I have been in one major car accident that resulted in 19 stitches to my left arm

>>I hate going to the dentish more than anything I can think of

>>I hate the words "moist" ..."frog"...and "tummy" and I don't really like the word "yummy" either

>>I like to watch American Idol auditions

>>When I was in the 6th grade I was voted class clown

>>I used to have a subscription to Discover magazine

>>For 10 years of my life (9-19) I thought I wanted to be an anthropologist when I grew up

>>It took me 7 years to get my bachelors degree

>>I would like to my masters degree in design from the University of Arizona in Tuscon

...wow...thats all I got for now...here's the link to my old facts from like 3 years ago...

OLD 50 random facts about Me



Argh. I HATE it when payments don't go through until like 3 weeks and you think they've cleared the bank and they haven't then its like stuff is bouncing EVERYWHERE...


Friday's Feast - a buffet for your brain

Appetizer - What is one quality you really admire about yourself?
My ambition - I think I have a lot of desire for life, which is a hard quality to come by in the town where I grew up.

Soup - What kind of shampoo and conditioner do you use?
Right now - Pantene... I change up a lot.

Salad - Describe your favorite movie scene. You know, the one that just gets to you every time you watch it.
I have so many favorite movies so I have a lot of favorite scenes. But, I shall pick two and describe:
Little Nicky - I love the part when he falls asleep in the park and makes all the demon-snoring sounds and the two devil-worship guys find him... hillarious!
Office space - I love ALL of this movie, however, I like the scene when the effeciency experts are questioning Michael (Bolten) and Peter... that is classic.

Main Course - If you were a veggie, which one would you be, and why?
I would be a carrot because I would be slender and easy on the eyes... LOL

Dessert - If you could take a weekend trip within 100 miles of your current residence, where would you like to go?
Um...lets see,... since there isn't SHIT around here for 100 miles, I guess I'll pick Atlanta, which is a little over 100 miles, but gimmie a break! I would go to Atlanta and maybe see the zoo again because I love zoos, check out museums (historical society museum might be cool), stay at the Westin and eat somewhere with Indian or Thai food or something... That'd be fun.

If you would like to join Friday's Feast CLICK HERE

Seasonal Stamps

Hmm... my latest postcard design for the Creative Postcard Club... the assignment was to design 4 stamps; one for each season of the year. I thought this was a fun way to do it... just a quickie!

Darth Tater

OOooh my GOSH! This is definately going to be bought... Patrick must have one. LOL I think this would make any star wars fan a nice, funny surprise! Hehehe

Birthday Cards

So today instead of doing actual work, I was assigned to make our marketing director a birthday card with spunk. So, we took a picture of us all dog-tired from all the whip-cracking she does and then I did a little photoshop magic a-la-paintbrush style! FUN TIMES...


This is the only fully-arched rainbow I've ever seen in my life. This picture doesn't capture it nearly as well as we saw it, but it was really cool!

Atlanta Botanical Gardens in the kids section

Atlanta Botanical Gardens - Dale Chihuly exhibit

Atlanta Botanical Gardens - a GIANT lilly pad

Atlanta Botanical Gardens - reflection of brown-eyed susans in a pond

My silly parents on Christmas

My parents motel decorated for Xmas

Patrick got me Puss-n-boots for Xmas!

Devon sent me a My Little Pony named Sew N Sew for Xmas... I brush her hair everytime I sit at my computer LOL

This picture has a sic color to it LOL But I like it anyways... I don't know why

Our New Years celebration at The Chat Noir (which is what we call our dining room table becaue of Steinlen's Chat Noir print on the wall beside the table)

We even got all fancied up!

Cheers! Happy New Year (yeah, it is sparkling grape juice... hehehe...:) )

HEH HEH - I'm so immature!

A poorly named truck stop in Colorado! The picture is kinda cruddy because I had to zoom like crazy, but the semi-truck was actually a very bright purple...I thought that added a little extra humor to the whole thing.

Here's one I forgot about...

I think we all forgot about this one for a reason.

1992 Bobby Brown - "Humping Around"

When U trust someone
And U know you're on their back
You ain't got no trustin' about you
And you claim that you don't care where I'm at
You've given me reason to doubt you
Say U trust someone
Why ya callin' all around
Think i've got some dip on the side
Girl you don't trust no one
And you constantly in doubt
You lose the game
If you play that way
Get up off me back
Save your heart attack
Ain't nobody is humpin' around
No matter what they say
No it ain't that way
Ain't nobody humpin' around

When U love someone
And you want to love 'em right
Got to get more lovin' about cha
When you know that you're holdin' on too tight
Soon they will be leaving without you
Say that U love someone
Why you callin' all my friends
Thinkin' i got somethin' to hide
Girl you don't love no one
You don't know what love's about
You lose the game
If you play that way

chorus (2X)

Girl when U love someone
You don't call on everybody
Ain't nobody foolin' around
And the more i think about it
You'll lose all your clout and
You lose the game baby
If you play that way

Back to the BB Brown (3X)

Chorus w/ Bobby's adlibs


My name is Brown, that's what I'm called so,
Don't try to step on me wrong or you'll fall
slow, cause i just wznt to kick soul to ya,
maybe, baby, take control of ya, just like i
told ya. I wanna roll on the tip that's moving
able to make you move and groove and leave you
like ooh when i touch ya. Give you so much of the
feeling of the deck that i'm dealing when i rub
ya up and down yo Stylz kick it.

Stylz: Well i know it's been a while, since
you heard a change in our style. So what i've come
to do is kick you something fly and new. A change,
different from the typical a bit more than regular
not like the others original, cuz originality and
creativity add it up together equals the B.B.B.
Posse. Yeah we've in the house. Yo kick it!

Chorus w/ Bobby's adlibs

Just apostrophize it!

What is UP with parents making up ridiculous names for their children? Just for fun, I went to the local hospitals birth announcement section and here are some of the ridiculous ones! How are these children ever going to learn their names? Will they ever? Do they know how dumb this shit sounds? What happened to good old names? If comedians can make fun of these names, then I can too...

Anyways, let the hillarity begin...

Jaylen B'nard
Zy'Reon Zy'Keith (just Zy'Stupid!)
Za'Quirious Damarcus TyQuan
Travontez Zyrien
Jaquaveous Andrew
Jo'Nathan MarQuez
Faizon Dorian (sounds like some kind of machine from the Back to the Future movies)
Sa'Qauan Nasir
Ja'Quavious Kortrez
Quindravious Mar'Quez
Da'Vion Bryant
Kavargale D'Edwin
Ja'Quez Makei'
Da'Shawn Na'Kilo (a kilo of what??!)
Cor'Sean Laquavious

I'yonna De'Nai (I wanna deny? her sister's name is India Da'Asiya...no shit)
KayLeon La'Khi
Kei' Ericka Denesha
K'nyah Nichole
Shaniyah Sona' (why an apostophe at the END?)
Aymber Jhane' (yet again...what does this MEAN!?)
Xyliah Ja'Nigue (dear lord!)


I'm bored...
is 10am too early for a snack? Why is my stomach growling. That bowl of cereal from 6am doesn't last 4 hours? Sheesh!

"Hey Napoleon...give me some of your tots!"

"NO, go find your own!"

Pet Peeves

There aren't too many things that really just piss me off. People who lie all the time or exaggerate things too much REALLY piss me off. I hate a liar and to me, if you constantly over-exaggerate things just to make something intersting, then why should I listen to you? And I really hate how people who lie or make up stupid shit think I'm too dumb to notice...

ANYway, this is about another minor pet peeve. I spent like ALL day yesterday giving other people advice (that they asked for) about how to make their hallway bulletin boards/display cases look good (sounds like elementary school, huh?). THEN, after spending all day standing there looking at the damn things, they want ME and my coworker to do it. JEeesus! Why did we spend all damn day yesterday giving you suggestions if you were just gonna get us to do it! SHIT! We could have been half way done with it by now!

Gah! People around here talk things to DEATH. Sometimes I just want to say "Shut the F up and get out of my way!" or "Get your own ideas, you butt-munch!"

They are going to make me break out my industrial strength can of professional whoop-ass!

Anyways, my other point is... I'm Glad Martin Luther King Jr. gave us a holiday. And it is on holidays like these when I am glad that political correctness has gotten totally out of hand. I am glad that Universities must celebrate MLKJr. Day in order to maintain their image. And, finally, I am glad that I have the day off to do whatever I want to.

Ah, 3 day weekends are the best!

Stuck in my head

The drummer from def leopard's only got one arm...
The drummer from def leopard's only got one arm...
The drummer from def leopard's only got one arm...
The drummer from def leopard's only got one arm...
The drummer from def leopard's only got one arm...
The drummer from def leopard's only got one arm...
The drummer from def leopard's only got one arm...
The drummer from def leopard's only got one arm...

...my favorite song on that CD....

Speaking of Falco

Once, when "Rock Me Amadeus" was in the hight of it's popularity, my mom went to the local video store alone and brought back movies to watch.... She rented "Amadeus" the movie because she thought it was a rock video for the song and we would like that. My mom is so naive about those things. Very sweet, but naive :P

Needless to say, I can still recall images of dead bodies in a mass grave covered in lime or something.... it was NOT the rock video. It was kind of crazy. I've never seen that movie as an adult.

Fo' Shizzle

Oh my GOSH, check it out!

Ask Snoop . Com

Ask Snoop Dog to translate any webpage into his shizzle!

Oh, and Here's a joke for you!

Q: Why does Snoop Dog carry an umbrella?

A: Fo' Drizzle!

I was bored this morning...

I WAS bored today, but things picked up really quickly and the rest of the day was endless amounts of meetings. I have a massive headache.

But, I now have 4 items in my cafepress shop LOL
Why do I waste time on things that Noone is going to buy? LOL I have no idea. It just seemed like a fun thing to do. And it is so easy to set up. Why not?

Diversion Mary's Shop

Friday night in Alabama

Here is my audioblog of Friday nights search for habenero peppers in Montgomery, Alabama.
Why do I get so nervous when I'm talking to "noone". I don't sound so nervous if I'm talking TO someone face to face or on the phone LOL ... stage fright.

this is an audio post - click to play


Anybody use AIM at work? I have it, I don't have it on real often, but I will if any of the bloggers are on.

My name is nobodynose1978 on AIM :)

It's only 9:20am...

and I've exhausted all my possible online haunts. Granted, there aren't too many, but I don't normally have so much free time on my hands. I'm just waiting today... waiting for some images...waiting to finish a project that I want to make go away soooo badly.

However, please do me a favor!? Okay? I think all of you would like to meet Frank, the bikerfox... Sound interesting? Oh, and he's SINGLE!

Frank the BikerFox Part I
Frank the BikerFox Part II

Audio Bloggin

I encourage my bloggy friend who have not tried it to go to audioblogger.com and sign up to use the audio blog feature for freeee.

It's kinda fun. I think later on, I might be British... I dunno yet.
Or do my best Napoleon Dynamite routine. Or sing. Or make my cat meow "hello" or something else totally stupid :P

So, try it!

just because you can....

this is an audio post - click to play

In Retrospect

Because of Napoleon Dynamite Patrick and I were talking about all the "looks" throughout our lifetimes and how ridiculous they were or what stayed and what was a fad. I asked him what he thought 2004's "look" was and he said that the girls looked like "emaciated clown-whores"

I like that... I think it sounds like a great name for a band... The ECW...Emaciated Clown Whores... I could be the lead singer (very ironic all in of itself)....anyone else? LOL

Episode III Teaser Trailer

I can't wait to see this! 5 more months! Take a look at the trailer for it online...I like Yoda's little John Wayne move! That is great! Oh, and this info was on IMDB, I thought that it was kinda geeky-funny "The title to this film is based on a false name given to "Return Of The Jedi", which was "Revenge Of The Jedi". In the Special Edition of ROTJ, George Lucas himself stated that they purposely leaked out the name as "Revenge Of The Jedi" in order to catch people making bootleg merchandise. He also stated that a true Star Wars fan would have known it was a false title because a Jedi would never seek revenge."

Link:Star Wars: Episode III | Episode III Teaser Trailer

I wanna go home...

The first day back after a 2 week long vacation, SUCKS BUTT! I don't want to do anything. It's 10.30 am and I'm STARVING, but shouldn't be... my sleep pattern is whack... my eating pattern is whack. My attention span is zero because I've been playing Ms. Pac Man & Galagon all vacation....

I can't wait for lunch. I wish I could just stay there! :) Been online all day. I have some stuff to do, but I don't wanna do it...

When is the next holiday? ? :)