Vote for Pedro

All I've got to say is that some good new years fun would be watching Napoleon Dynamite because it is the best flippin' movie I have seen in like FOREVER, Gosh!

Seriously, for anyone who reads my blog, you will all love & cherish this movie and quote it forever and ever. I saw it, I bought it, i've watched it like 5 times already.



Melissa said...

Hi Mary! Welcome home! Hope you had a fun holiday!

I love this movie, by the way. I bought Rob a Vote for Pedro shirt for his birthday last July! I almost bought the dvd for Rob for Christmas, but was already over our limit. We went to try to rent it last night but the crappy blockbuster near us didn't have any left!!! Boohoo!!!! So we got season 3 of the Family Guy, which has been just as entertaining. :-)

Oh yeah, I fell asleep on the sofa at 10:30pm last night. I'm such an old fogey now!!!!!!

devon spec said...

we rented it too, and watched it three x's in 2 days :X

are we flippin' losers are WHAT?!