SEC Championship

So, I really hope that Auburn wins the SEC Championship on Saturday because I have been putting a WHOLE lotta effort into some championship banners that will be put up downtown if we do win. It would really suck to do all this work and never see it anywhere :(

This whole thing has been a football learning experience. I am NOT football savy, so this has been a challenge. It has been fun designing sport stuff, but I still think that the premise of football is mostly ridiculous.

Vanderbilt is getting rid of their football program slowly. I think they are smart.



Go Kayak said...

Your job sounds so rewarding! Seeing your work up all over town must be a real thrill. Like seeing your name in lights!

I'm not a football fan either, but you are right, with design you get the opportunity to learn a lot about things that you would probably never know about had you chosen a different career. You go girl!

Mary said...

It actually made watching the game on Saturday fun! Auburn won and the banners were printed and produced yesterday and on the poles NOW. Which is ├╝ber cool! I think I'll take a pic later today and add it to the blog-o-rama.

It is kinda cool getting to see stuff I've designed all over campus! I guess I should enjoy it because not all designers get to do that.