I hate dealing with doctors

I'm not totally cynical about doctors, but having had a bad experience with a doctor who wanted to do surgery that wasn't really neccessary, I do question more now that I ever did.

It will require anesthesia and all that crap and it sounds painful. I've already had the "lite" version performed and that hurt like a mo-fo.

I'm not a wuss, but I do try to prevent pain and annoyances when I can. Soooo many things doctors want you do have done are just fluff.

I hate it when doctors are overly careful but then don't tell you about the other options. I had to go online and find out what else can be done. She has suggested a cone biopsy which is a procedure which will require anesthesia and removing a chunk of tissue from my body BUT it is for high risk cases. Mine is low risk. Why do I have to go through all that when I could have abnormal surface cells removed wtih a laser quickly and with less pain.

Wouldn't have known ANY of that unless I'd looked up online. Noone ever tells you what the options are. THAT is what I hate most.

AND I hate the fact that I don't know many girls so I don't know anybody who has had this done.

Blah. Being a girl sucks.



Go Kayak said...

Hi Mary,
If you want to drop me an email, your situation sounds similar to one I was in years ago. I'll be glad to discuss it with you...