I don't wanna go to bed!

Normally at 9.30 in the evening I would be totally wiped out and ready for bed. Tonight I just want to stay awake, but 5.30am comes all too quickly if I go to bed past 11.30 or so.

Patrick and I watched the 3+ hour long movie The Last Emperor about Emperor P'u Yi of China. Veeerrrry great movie. I loved it. So, I've been online looking at real images of them.

Now I'm just sorta sitting here listening to the Beatles and looking up the lyrics online while I try to learn them more completely. I hate when I only 1/2 way know the lyrics to a great song.... So... Yeah, I'm typing and singing along at the same time. Just sorta veggin' out in a way.

It is so relaxing that I don't want to go to bed. This is quality relax time and I never get that. But, sometimes that dread of waking up dead-ass tired breaks the relaxation...

Maybe I'll just hafta be tired tomorrow!



Unknown said...

What Beatles song(s) were you looking up the lyrics for? Jim, a Beatles fan, is just curious.