Sometimes I sit around feeling SO guilty for not calling my friends more often. I still feel very close to them no matter how long it's been since we've seen each other we still pick up where we left off. And I think, "I'm so terrible, I don't talk to them nearly enough!"

But, last night I started getting pretty pissed because I remembered that the last time we talked, I called THEM. Why am I the one to feel guilty? The phone works both ways, ya know. AND with cell phones being nothing new, everyone has 'free' long distance to use to call me.

It's not fair that I sit around all guilty and they aren't. So, THERE. I just served a major heaping spoonful of Guilt trip!




Unknown said...

Yeah, I know what you mean.... sometimes, I feel so guilty when I haven't talked to my friends in awhile, but it is usually me who calls. (And, I'm not talking about any of the blogger crowd, if any of you come here to read this blog, I'm talking about people I don't see quite as often, that I sometimes feel guilty about not calling, but when it happens, it's usually me who iniatiates the call).