Funniest story of the trip

Patrick told me a story I'd never heard before...

True Story:
When he worked at the Cotton Mill in Georgia when he was like 19 or 20 there was a guy there that said he was born without an ass-hole. Well, they had to do surgery and give him an ass-hole but, when they did, he had no control over his bodily functions. So, during the course of the day, he would shit himself and it was really gross (no doubt). So, Patrick, being supervisor had to deal with this all the time.

I asked Patrick "Why didn't he get some depends or something??"

Without thinking Patrick answered "I guess he just didn't give a shit."

How ironic is that?
I laughed so hard.



Mary said...

I guess ya just had to be there to hear the story.....ah well. :P Crude,,, I know.