A Buck twenty-five

This morning, I was desperately trying to find something clean and stylish enough to wear because it has been what seems like ages since we've done laundry. I have older clothes sprinkled through all three bedroom closets and began trying on and tossing clothes left and right.

My old tan corduroys don't fit, but I did find a quarter in the pocket! For me, this is a nice surprise! So, I smiled, took the corduroys off and went about my search still oddly gleeful about a measley quarter.

Anyways, I finally found what I was going to wear and when I put my hand into my jacket pocket, I found a $1 bill! It was just plain wierd how excited I was and how odd it was to hold money. I don't have a lot of money anyways, but usually it goes straight from my account to bills or I swipe a plastic check card to pay for things. My dollar felt really weird in my hand. So primitive.
I like cash. I need more of it.



Unknown said...

Great! Now you can buy freedom and have 20 cents to spare. (According to the song in "Team America," freedom costs a buck-o-five.)