Warning: Made for TV depression

Patrick got a movie on Netflix called The Day After, a 1983 made for TV movie about the cold-war. Sounds fairly harmless, right?


The movie was very controversial at the time and I certainly see why. It details a scenario where the United States is under nuclear attack by Russia. The movie begans by showing the daily lives of an ensemble of characters from Kansas as news reports about the relationship of the U.S. and Russia slowly worsen. After this slow build up of reactions from these all-american people, what appears to be missle silos send blasts out of the ground aiming toward Russia. Knowing that it only takes 30 minutes for these high-speed nuclear weapons to reach Russia, the characters realize that whether it be the U.S. or Russia who fired first, they were doomed for a nuclear attack themselves within the next few hours.

I think that what made the movie so hard for me to take was the fact that it seems more probable now that it did back in the 80's. Only this time, we have another enemy. There was so much detail in the way the after-effects of nuclear war was portrayed. It was almost like a documentary in nature and the quality of watching movies on DVD kind of made it "timeless". The movie didn't sit very well with me. Honestly, it made me cry. And I REALLY realized how horrible this type of warfare is. I hope that it never ever comes down to that again. I can't believe that the U.S. ever used that kind of technology on people. I know why our government did it and who knows what would have happened if they had not, but I can't imagine how Japan ever forgave us.