Thanksgiving Wench

This year Thanksgiving will be meeting the age of the Renaissance at Patrick's parents house where we are spending our holiday. His parent's are big into the Renaissance festival stuff, so this year we are supposed to dress up, put on fake British accents and eat turkey legs.

I'm not particularly enthralled with this idea. Though a creative person, I despise Renaissance festivals because they are so fake and far from Renaissance. They should just call it the sci-fi, medeival, dragon festival.
Most of the people who attend regularly are freak-a-zoids. Not all, but a lot of them.

Reasons why I am dreading Thanksgiving:
It is just historically inaccurate to have a Renaissance Thanksgiving.
I don't really like turkey legs. White meat only, folks!
I don't own any Renaissance-y clothes.
I don't really want to see anyone else dressed in inaccurate Renaissance/Medeival clothes.
I don't want to have to keep from laughing when the Grog they'll be drinking has made their English accents loud and annoying.

I don't understand exactly why people think that the Renaissance is such a great time in history. Retrospectively, it is a great time for human-kind -- lots of things happened that shaped culture. BUT, realistically if we had lived back in those times we would have been poor, peasant-class citizens with a life expectancy of 45!!!

I just want a regular Thanksgiving. Turkey, dressing, pecan pie and we'll all have on festivally fall-colored sweaters and laugh and talk and play a game or something.

Wish me luck people.



Melissa said...

Wow! No offense to Patrick's family and all, but that sounds totally weird! I'd kinda be uncomfortable about it too! Hmm, I don't think I've ever heard about people having a themed Thanksgiving. And if you were going to go with a theme, wouldn't it be more pilgrims and indians type of stuff?

Well good luck with the whole thing! I'd love it if you posted pictures of your Renaissance attire!!

Go Kayak said...

Good luck!
We're having "traditional" so if you want to hop a train and come on up to Richmond, I'll pick you up at the station! :o)