My Parents the Pioneers

When this whole "let's move to Colorado" thing came up a year and a half ago, I was really excited for my parents. I encouraged them to just go for it and take the chance and fight for what they wanted to do with their life.

Now that they are there, I miss them terribly, but I also find that it is hard as hell to visit. They live in the middle of nowhere compared to how it is here in Alabama. We'll fly into Denver only to have a 6+ hour drive (depending on the snowy weather). The last time (and only time) we visited, it took 6 hours and that was during spring break with light snow. This visit we'll have full-on SNOW and wintery December wind to contend with.

We could have flown into a local, small airport but because of the recent tradgedy, I am glad we did not (see CNN link below). Also, it costs $650 dollars per person to fly into Montrose.

So, in conclusion, it is a huge pain in the ass to ever visit my parents and even more so in the winter months. Civilization never looked so good. - Ebersol hurt, son missing in crash that kills 2 - Nov 29, 2004



devon spec said...

hi mary! sounds... um ... interesting! :D

i had such a dreadful experience this past holiday, i'm kinda jealous that your parents aren't so... co-dependent. haha.

but, distance makes the heart grow fonder i guess, right?
and if they are happy, i guess it's alright... maybe someday you'll move to colorado also!

my dad has ALWAYS wanted to live there.

Go Kayak said...

Hi Mary,
Sometimes I have to remind my parents that both the road and the telephone work in two directions. My dad and my step-mother are both retired. They have all of this time and the means, but still expect all the kids to come to them. I get frustrated with this because I have to wait until a long weekend or take vacation to visit them.

Mary said...

When my parents lived in Alabama I always wanted to go THERE because it was great! Food, yard, animals... it was nice! I like going to Colorado too, it is just harder. They pay for me AND patrick to visit which is incredibly nice (and incredibly neccesary if they ever want to see me again because I am poor). My parents can't really travel too much because they have a business and their income depends on it. So they have to be there to tend to it daily.

Go Kayak said...

That *is* nice of them to cover your travel expenses. As I said, my folks are retired so there is nothing preventing from coming here once in a while...oh well.

I've driven from here (Richmond) to Colorado twice. Once to Golden and the other time to Durango. Looonnnngggg trips but had no choice. We had to take multiple kayaks and a bunch of gear. The airlines aren't too kind with kayaks. Beautiful and interesting drive though.

Unknown said...

Sorry it can be such a pain to visit your parents. But it is really nice of them to pay for travel expenses. Maybe eventually you can move closer to them, especially if you don't like Alabama much.

Melissa said...

That sounds tough. I would hate it if my parents moved that far away. They are pretty much my only family, besides Rob. They used to live an hour away and I thought that was far. Then they moved two hours away and I thought that was really far! Now they are moving again, hopefully an hour away and now I think that's so close! I mean, geez, I commute an hour to get to work! That's nothing!

I hope your travels aren't too stressful this holiday. It's too bad you can't have Christmas with them at your home. But hopefully when you're there, your folks will pamper you and it'll make it all worth it!

Mary said...

If Patrick and I end up moving to Arizona one day I think we'll be about 8 hours drive away from them rather than 2-3 days away. That will be nice :)