Mock the Vote!

Yeah, I voted yesterday. I figured why not. I actually began to get a little queasy at the thought of first lady Heinze-Kerry. I would also feel totally guiltly if I voted for a man who thinks it is a good idea to represent himself with James Carville.

It didn't really take too long to vote, however, it DID take a while to park. And I witnessed an SUV back right into a small white car in the parking lot.

Anyways, my voting strategy? Aside from the president, my goal was to vote democratic for the state of Alabama elections which proved to be difficult considering most people were republicans running unopposed. That is Alabama for you--conservative & apathetic to the core!

The only way I wouldn't vote democratic is if they had a dumb nickname on the ballot such as "Bubba" or "Grady" or any of those things. I dont like to vote for people who prefer to be called names that need quotation marks.

And the ammendments and what-not wer SO STUPID.
#1 - they were written in double-talk. It was impossible to understand any of the things they were asking you decide on unless you were already familiar with the ideas. I hadn't heard about any of them and I was in a hurry so .... who cares!? :)

#2 - Who cares. Yes, who CARES whether or not I think it is okay for our only coastal county to promote their shrimp & seafood industry. WHY NOT?? shit. Can't they decide that on their own? Isn't there more important things to ask people????

How about we vote on the check processing thing? The thing that allows banks to transfer checks imaging electronically rather than through the mail? Yeah, I'd rather vote to keep the idea of check floating alive rather than who can't promote shrimp.