Mary & Patrick

Here is a recent one of us :) Taken last thursday or something. It is one of those do-it-yourself ers so that is why we are so CLOSE up :) Mel, you said you looked Asian in your pic... well, I think that I look like Marylin from Northern Exposure in this pic! LOL

Here's my silly cat all upside down showin' his tail off!



Melissa said...

Awww!!! Super cute Mary!! You know, all of our pictures are "do it yourself" pictures! How else are couples supposed to get pictures of themselves?? And Rob usually ruins our pictures by licking my face or something. He has a problem with smiling for photos.

Thanks for posting! It's so fun to see the people we talk to (and about!) You, me and Devon can start a "Waiting for the Rock" club. And I'm not talking about the wrestler/actor!

Unknown said...

Hey Mary!

Nice pics. What's your cat's name? He looks like our friend Krista's Othello. :)

Mary said...

My kitty's name is Figaro. Sometimes we call him Dr. Figaro. Most of the time we call him "Cat" LOL :)

Go Kayak said...

Hi Mary,
It's Halftone Dot from the How forum. The do-it-yourself photo is a good one! You guys are cute! I like your blog very much.

(My blog

devon spec said...

haha! cutie cuter-tons! :D

mmm. pudding pops too. i buy those all the time.
i like the vanilla, and craig likes the choc. so it works out.
the swirl are balls to the wall fought over..... :D

you remind me of someone... i dunno who though!!! someone cute.... and famous...