I think ...

I think there should be more gourd-carving holidays.

I think ostrichs look like old ladies.

I think daylight saving's time would be put to better use in the winter.

I think I ate too much candy at my part today.

I think I want to watch Donnie Darko.

I think boredom leads to stupid lists of random thinking.



Unknown said...

There should be more candy giving days

devon spec said...

i agree with the gourd carving one!! and the ostrich...

i have so many templates i wanted to try, but alas halloween is over. i think there should be more "dress up all crahhhzay" holidays too!

Melissa said...

Hi Mary!

I wish there were more holidays where dressing up was appropriate. But I got lots of 50% off masks this Halloween, like a giant baseball head that might come in handy this christmas! :-)

And I totally agree with your Donnie Darko one. It's been a while since I've seen it and my boss and I were talking about it yesterday at work, so I'm totally in the mood!