Damn I'm sleepy!

Today is just blahsville. A dreary humid 75 degree day here in Alabama. My office feels sticky and smells moldy. I just wanna go take a nap. It is quiet and I got some work done today, but I'm just not feeling creative. Last nightI had a whole buncha ideas and now I have NO idea what they were. I was doing something that prevented me from writing them down. They are gone for good now, I fear!

I watched Muriel's Wedding yesterday for the first time ever. I hear it is a bit of a cult classic. I guess I can see why. I liked the movie, but Muriel was a really stupid bi-yatch.

Oh, and we rented Elf and it is really funny! I really liked it and I didn't even send it back to netflix yet. I wanted to re-watch it.

Anywho. Absolutely NOTHING going on today.
I need to smack myself awake, however....

One more day...One more day....One more day...