My Parents the Pioneers

When this whole "let's move to Colorado" thing came up a year and a half ago, I was really excited for my parents. I encouraged them to just go for it and take the chance and fight for what they wanted to do with their life.

Now that they are there, I miss them terribly, but I also find that it is hard as hell to visit. They live in the middle of nowhere compared to how it is here in Alabama. We'll fly into Denver only to have a 6+ hour drive (depending on the snowy weather). The last time (and only time) we visited, it took 6 hours and that was during spring break with light snow. This visit we'll have full-on SNOW and wintery December wind to contend with.

We could have flown into a local, small airport but because of the recent tradgedy, I am glad we did not (see CNN link below). Also, it costs $650 dollars per person to fly into Montrose.

So, in conclusion, it is a huge pain in the ass to ever visit my parents and even more so in the winter months. Civilization never looked so good. - Ebersol hurt, son missing in crash that kills 2 - Nov 29, 2004

Thanksgiving Aftermath

Well, Thanksgiving wasn't so bad. At the last minute they ditched the Ren-Fair Thanksgiving and went traditional. Only one minor incident this holiday (the car battery died). We were all ready to leave when the car wouldn't start. Patrick's dad had to come and get us and then take us home again. 35 minute drive each way. We only stayed over there about 2 hours. It was a rather quick holiday. The car battery got fixed yesterday so, we have wheels again!

It still wasn't as good as my mom's cooking. But, I think I'll get a heavy dose of that at Christmas. Patrick and I should be able to go to Colorado. I still have to get tickets - the sooner the better because the price goes up every day.

Anywho, that's the 411 on the aftermath of big holiday #1.

Thanksgiving Wench

This year Thanksgiving will be meeting the age of the Renaissance at Patrick's parents house where we are spending our holiday. His parent's are big into the Renaissance festival stuff, so this year we are supposed to dress up, put on fake British accents and eat turkey legs.

I'm not particularly enthralled with this idea. Though a creative person, I despise Renaissance festivals because they are so fake and far from Renaissance. They should just call it the sci-fi, medeival, dragon festival.
Most of the people who attend regularly are freak-a-zoids. Not all, but a lot of them.

Reasons why I am dreading Thanksgiving:
It is just historically inaccurate to have a Renaissance Thanksgiving.
I don't really like turkey legs. White meat only, folks!
I don't own any Renaissance-y clothes.
I don't really want to see anyone else dressed in inaccurate Renaissance/Medeival clothes.
I don't want to have to keep from laughing when the Grog they'll be drinking has made their English accents loud and annoying.

I don't understand exactly why people think that the Renaissance is such a great time in history. Retrospectively, it is a great time for human-kind -- lots of things happened that shaped culture. BUT, realistically if we had lived back in those times we would have been poor, peasant-class citizens with a life expectancy of 45!!!

I just want a regular Thanksgiving. Turkey, dressing, pecan pie and we'll all have on festivally fall-colored sweaters and laugh and talk and play a game or something.

Wish me luck people.

Damn I'm sleepy!

Today is just blahsville. A dreary humid 75 degree day here in Alabama. My office feels sticky and smells moldy. I just wanna go take a nap. It is quiet and I got some work done today, but I'm just not feeling creative. Last nightI had a whole buncha ideas and now I have NO idea what they were. I was doing something that prevented me from writing them down. They are gone for good now, I fear!

I watched Muriel's Wedding yesterday for the first time ever. I hear it is a bit of a cult classic. I guess I can see why. I liked the movie, but Muriel was a really stupid bi-yatch.

Oh, and we rented Elf and it is really funny! I really liked it and I didn't even send it back to netflix yet. I wanted to re-watch it.

Anywho. Absolutely NOTHING going on today.
I need to smack myself awake, however....

One more day...One more day....One more day...

'Virgin Mary' sandwich back on eBay

Why do idiots think that divine intertention comes in the form of grilled cheese sandwiches? I mean, what if I had some crappy toilet paper that faintly resembled jesus would I tell everyone? And whether I told anyone or not, why in the hell would I even be looking for it??

WHY would someone who is supposed to be THAT important show themselves to us mere mortals in a grilled cheese sandwich? At least in the bible the stories were miraculous. Now, we just get grilled cheese sandwiches. Is that what people think Jesus and his crew are about? I think that they would have better things to do than just toast little images of themselves into bread or potato chips.

People are nuts.

'Virgin Mary' sandwich back on eBay - Nov 16, 2004

Here's to you Pudding Pops

A week ago, I saw an article about Bill Cosby on CNN and thought to myself "Mmmmm Pudding Pops". I know they don't make them anymore, but sometimes I just want a pudding pop SO BAD. Why did they stop making them?? Well, I asked the Jello-O parent company, Kraft, the same thing. I went to their website and told them they should bring them back. Here is the emailed response I got:

Thanks for visiting our Web-site!

We're so glad to hear you're interested in our Jell-O Pudding Pops. As you
may know, these were discontinued some time ago. This product is currently
manufactured by:

Good Humor-Breyers Ice Cream

Ice Cream & FROZEN YOGURT: 1- 800-483-9939

Sometimes it happens that a product is discontinued despite the fact that
many people enjoy it. There are a lot of factors involved in this decision.
Either way, we want you to know that your comments will be forwarded to the
Marketing people at Jell-O.

However, I did find this link and it appears there is quite a following for this product! It is good to know I am not alone :) Good Humor makes them now and here is what the box looks like:

I wonder if Bill would approve? :)

Warning: Made for TV depression

Patrick got a movie on Netflix called The Day After, a 1983 made for TV movie about the cold-war. Sounds fairly harmless, right?


The movie was very controversial at the time and I certainly see why. It details a scenario where the United States is under nuclear attack by Russia. The movie begans by showing the daily lives of an ensemble of characters from Kansas as news reports about the relationship of the U.S. and Russia slowly worsen. After this slow build up of reactions from these all-american people, what appears to be missle silos send blasts out of the ground aiming toward Russia. Knowing that it only takes 30 minutes for these high-speed nuclear weapons to reach Russia, the characters realize that whether it be the U.S. or Russia who fired first, they were doomed for a nuclear attack themselves within the next few hours.

I think that what made the movie so hard for me to take was the fact that it seems more probable now that it did back in the 80's. Only this time, we have another enemy. There was so much detail in the way the after-effects of nuclear war was portrayed. It was almost like a documentary in nature and the quality of watching movies on DVD kind of made it "timeless". The movie didn't sit very well with me. Honestly, it made me cry. And I REALLY realized how horrible this type of warfare is. I hope that it never ever comes down to that again. I can't believe that the U.S. ever used that kind of technology on people. I know why our government did it and who knows what would have happened if they had not, but I can't imagine how Japan ever forgave us.

Mary & Patrick

Here is a recent one of us :) Taken last thursday or something. It is one of those do-it-yourself ers so that is why we are so CLOSE up :) Mel, you said you looked Asian in your pic... well, I think that I look like Marylin from Northern Exposure in this pic! LOL

Here's my silly cat all upside down showin' his tail off!

Dead from boredom

I am so incredibly bored. I hate that in-between phase of working in a new job where you don't know enough about what the hell is going on to actually do anything "extra" and you haven't really gotten any of your assignments squared away yet. So, I've been sitting here in quiet doing a little research on some stuff, but I am bored stiff. And I'm getting another one of those "office headaches" Blah! I could so totally crawl under my desk and sleep.
I'd rather be at home right now cleaning my apartment or working on my office decorations...

Maybe I'll do a search for nifty office decor online... Hmmm...

Gotta be cheap though!

Office Perk-ulators

Anyone who enjoys a good cup of coffee in the morning or afternoon or whenever will appreciate this. We have a drink room here with free cokes and coffee -- "FREE" makes everything pretty great already!

The coffee maker makes the perfect cup of coffee. You pick your flavor (I had belgian chocalate nut) and put the little sealed container into the maker, shut the door, and hit "brew". 8 seconds later you've got a steamy, gourmet cup of coffee. I was so impressed. AND, if you prefer, you can choose tea instead. Works the same way.

Anyways, can you tell I'm not used to office perks? :P

This is where I work!

Here is a pic of where I work! I like being so close to the pretty part of campus. At lunch I can walk to downtown if I want and eat or go to the bank or whatever! It is kind of nice :) I DO have a window which makes me very excited! I can have a plant or two. And windows just make you feel alive. People here are pretty quiet and keep to themselves a lot so far, which is fine with me. I don't like lots of chatter all the time and people butting in. It keeps me from getting busy.

I've already had one assignment for the day in a rush. They needed banners for downtown! It is really cool seeing the work that you do in town too. It is a new feeling for me to be working somwhere that not only had a budget, but is highly visible.

My office is okay. It is the entery way for another office, so that brings odd traffic through, but that is okay. It doesn't seem to be any worse than my old job so far. I get to decorate in here soon. It looks very barron right now. I need to get some poster frames and stuff and get some things on the wall to look at!

Anywho, here's my building!

I think ...

I think there should be more gourd-carving holidays.

I think ostrichs look like old ladies.

I think daylight saving's time would be put to better use in the winter.

I think I ate too much candy at my part today.

I think I want to watch Donnie Darko.

I think boredom leads to stupid lists of random thinking.

I got a NEW JOB!

Tuesday the office of communications and marketing here at the university offered me the graphic design position and I accepted! I start Monday and get to live in the world where people have benefits and get paid salary. Wierd.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to it in most ways, but really nervous about it in others. This is the most "high profile" place to work on campus and I am not a really high profile kinda gal.

I'll be one of 3 designers and we will be designing materials for all of Auburn University.

I get to have a going-away party today at 3:30. I hate being the center of attention sometimes.... But, the food is good!

I think that for a while I'll probably be laying off the blog thing. I gotta feel out my new job and how busy I will be. I don't know how picky they are about internet activity over there either.

But, hopefully I'll be able to continue my random ramblings on a somewhat daily basis!

Mock the Vote!

Yeah, I voted yesterday. I figured why not. I actually began to get a little queasy at the thought of first lady Heinze-Kerry. I would also feel totally guiltly if I voted for a man who thinks it is a good idea to represent himself with James Carville.

It didn't really take too long to vote, however, it DID take a while to park. And I witnessed an SUV back right into a small white car in the parking lot.

Anyways, my voting strategy? Aside from the president, my goal was to vote democratic for the state of Alabama elections which proved to be difficult considering most people were republicans running unopposed. That is Alabama for you--conservative & apathetic to the core!

The only way I wouldn't vote democratic is if they had a dumb nickname on the ballot such as "Bubba" or "Grady" or any of those things. I dont like to vote for people who prefer to be called names that need quotation marks.

And the ammendments and what-not wer SO STUPID.
#1 - they were written in double-talk. It was impossible to understand any of the things they were asking you decide on unless you were already familiar with the ideas. I hadn't heard about any of them and I was in a hurry so .... who cares!? :)

#2 - Who cares. Yes, who CARES whether or not I think it is okay for our only coastal county to promote their shrimp & seafood industry. WHY NOT?? shit. Can't they decide that on their own? Isn't there more important things to ask people????

How about we vote on the check processing thing? The thing that allows banks to transfer checks imaging electronically rather than through the mail? Yeah, I'd rather vote to keep the idea of check floating alive rather than who can't promote shrimp.

#1 Reason Why

#1 Reason Why I Am Glad the Election of 2004 is Almost Over :

No more interviews with James Carville!


Everything tastes like shit after you eat a Junior Mint!

Diet sunkist especially!