State Fair

Oh, it is fall again and time for the State Fair! The fair is one redeemable quality of living in the south. For the most part, the State Fair is so wholesome! When I was a kid I used to enter contests at the county and state fairs via 4-H (how ironic that I should work for Alabama 4-H now!). It was fun. I won money that way too. I got 1st place at both county and state fair one year with my alternative groundcover project (yeah, what a dork!).

Last year Patrick and I fought the crowd and went to the fair and had a good time looking at the 4-H cattle, goats, pigs, & Sheep on the midway. The animals are the best! AND they had a petting zoo which will be back this year. Last year, they had a little kangaroo, but he was too petrified of all the people to move. I felt sorry for him. The petty zoo is great and the rest of the animals too. We went on a ride last year and I thought I was going to have a heart-attack it scared me so badly. When did I become a wuss? I don't know, but the thrill was gone and the terror had replaced it!

I got two free tickets to the fair today from work! I'm excited. It starts this weekend, but we've got plans so next weekend the fair is ours! YAY!