Lost tunes

I haven't made time for music lately. At work, I just kinda listen to Virgin radio out of the UK and sometimes I get a blast from the past. If not that, I'll listen to top 40 or 80s just for background noise.

Last night I went through my CDs and founds all kinds of stuff. Ever realized how much the songs you listen to make you who you are? I found songs that used to define who I was that I haven't listened to in years. I found some Indigo girls that were burned to a disk that I haven't listened to in AGES. It's like I could finally breathe again when I heard "Galilleo" and "Closer to Fine".

I found some Enigma, some PM Dawn, Bush, Babyface (yeah, laugh if you want! I still love some of those songs!), Better Than Ezra, Tori, TLC, Salt'N'Peppa, my Romeo & Juliet soundtrack (both volumes)....

I brought out my Counting Crows CDs - I own all the mainstream ones and I've got a lot of burned stuff too. I've got all Pearl Jam known to man. Counting Crows are always therepy. Pearl Jam is good for any mood.

I miss those tunes! I miss singing in the car.

I'm going to start making more time for music.



Anonymous said...

HEY! Thanks for the kinds words on the site. Keep on Blogin :)