I am SO immature

Patrick & I love to go into World Market and buy cool, worldly foods, candies, coffees and stuff. When we came across this we could not resist owning a can of this British delight just for fun.

The cashier asked if it tasted good and I said "Even if it did, I wouldn't tell anyone about it!".

So, I began to think about how this product is made by Heinz. So is ketchup. In retaliation to Heinz ketchup, Bush supporters marketed "W" ketchup in order to assure their ketchup dollars go to the right candidate. How about some "W" Spotted Dick? Or, for that matter, Tony Blair Spotted Dick?

Also, is there some kind of Heinz/British alliance? I thought Tony Blair was with "W"...Hmmmm... secrets of the spotted dick.

In short, I am very immature and we laughed like a couple of 13 year olds when we were in World Market.



Drue said...

1) I eatedn that stuff.
2) It's gross.

Perhaps it gross beacuse you know your eating "Spotted Dick".....it might be better if it's Fresh Spotted Dick, instead of from a can.

Yeah, Spotted Dick In The Can.....that's gross.

Drue said...

When was the last time YOU had...

Some Spotted Dick In YOUR Can?!!

Mary said...

AND it is "microwavable" spotted dick. British people have bad taste in foods if you ask me. Kidney pie? Blood pudding? They name things poorly. Now, I do know that one of the two of those IS pretty nasty, I just can't remember which one. I've never tasted them, but I've heard rumors.

Anonymous said...

Lol I am from UK and yes we all poke fun at it as well. It's not too bad with custard though :P

Also Tony Blair? .... We have that Gordon Brown Muppet running things now =/