The Electoral College

I would like to take a moment to commend the U.S. Government on their superb ability to confuse the holy-hell out of Americans. The first link provided at the end of this blog entry show how twisted, complicated, and DRY the government has made themselves out to be so that the average American loses interest in the truth very quickly. The second link is an example of how something like the electoral college SHOULD be explained.

Why is it that they never explain this correctly? When will people see that they've been duped? How many more times with people elect a president that never goes into office? When will people learn that they have to vote in their state elections for any difference to be made?

I get tired of news shows blowing smoke up our arses about how it is going to be a close race. Yeah, right! Every single election it is the same.... It is all just crap sometimes. I love living in America, I just get tired of the rich, arrogant bastards who take capitalism to a dirty level.

In short : I wish this election would hurry up and end because I'm tired of all the shit on TV.

The Electoral College- The U.S. Government's Way
The Electoral College- The People's Explanation



Jack Steiner said...

Actually I don't find the system to be confusing at all. We covered this multiple times throughout all of my schooling.

Mary said...

That is probably the difference between Alabama & where you are. Alabama never covers that stuff. That is why we are 49th in education.