Botanicals and Baklava

I am still exhausted from my weekend. If I don't sleep in a little on Saturday I am NO good for the coming week.

But, fun was had in ATL this weekend.
First, on Saturday we went to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens which included a installation by an artist I like Dale Chihuly. He is a famous glass artist out of Washington who does realy cool organic looking glass medusa's and floats. The way the garden's were decorated with his work made it even more interesting.

It was fun for the most part. After a while its just a repeat of lots of plants and glass shit. I'm not one of those people who go freakin' ga-ga over everything. Some people were writing down the names of plants and shit. I don't think I even read a full plant name the entire time we were there except that one had "Mary" in it and that kinda jumped out at me.

Then we went to the Atlanta Greek Festival. There were WAY more people there than I had expected. We mostly ate a lot there. They had LOTS of food and this Mary had a little lamb :) Mmmmmm....

We bought a Greek coffee maker and some greek coffee and lots of pasteries. It was amazing how many pasteries this place had! They were really churning them out and they made them right there at the church.

The next day we were going to go to the Atlanta History Center, but Atlanta SUCKS on Sunday. We were hungry and couldn't even get in to eat anywhere that didn't have a drive-thru. It was like a 1+1/2 wait everywhere.

A word about Atlanta: It sucks. The traffic sucks, the way they don't have signs that are correct sucks, the way that they assume that everyone who visits lives there sucks..... It just sucks. It is hardly relaxing to drive in Atlanta. Even when you prepare ahead of time, it is a pain in the ass....